The class of 1979

The purpose of Series 1 was to establish the cast and characters. Phil Redmond could now achieve his overall aim which was for Grange Hill to become a contentious, issue-led series.

So there were several changes for Series 2. Firstly, the number of episodes doubled to 18 and the series would assume the twice-weekly format which stayed with it for most of its run. And to accommodate the extra episodes, a rash of new characters - Tucker and co. would be joined by Andrew Stanton, Penny Lewis, Antoni Karamonopolis and many more. In the staffroom a new progressive headmaster, Mr Llewelyn, caused chaos by re-organising the timetable and the first years were now split into two forms, G1 and R1. Accompanying him was boorish sportsmaster "Bullet" Baxter, Scottish maths master Mr Keating and English and drama teacher Mr Sutcliffe.

Among the first issue-led storylines were Simon Shaw's dislike of reading in class - it later is discovered he has dyslexia; while Cathy Hargreaves goes off the rails after discovering the father she assumed was dead is very much alive and wanting to meet her. But if parents thought Series 1 was outrageous, they hadn't seen anything yet! The antics of militant pupil group SAG, and in particular their canteen table top protest in episode 11 caused such an uproar the series was even debated in Parliament. Parents believed Mr Llewelyn's accession to SAG's demands demonstrated a weak stance. But Grange Hill continued to take a moralistic stance - eventually, the SAG ringleaders went too far when they took over the school secretary's office and were expelled. So contentious was the second series of Grange Hill, Phil Redmond was summoned to lunch by BBC bosses and forced to agree to tone things down if he wanted the show to continue.

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Cathy Hargreaves
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