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In February 2005, twenty-five former Grange Hill stars from the mid-1980s attended a cast reunion at London's SchoolDisco.com, organised by Channel 4. Read more about this in Close Up. What became apparent at this event was the high level of interest in Grange Hill's former stars - yet most of the time information about them is hard to come by and web searches often draw a blank. Many of those in attendance had no idea people would even remember them let alone wonder what they are doing these days! And they were even more amazed to hear of the level of traffic GH Online receives.

GH Online would love to hear from anyone who has ever appeared in Grange Hill, no matter how recently or how long ago! But we're especially interested in those from the 1978-89 period, as this era continues to generate many enquiries. There are several services we can offer cast members ranging from Grange Hill e-mail addresses, microsites and more!

If you would like to find out more, please drop us a line at the following address:

In the meantime read on to find our more about the services we can offer.

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What can GH Online do for me?
When GH Online met former cast members at a recent reunion, it became clear that many Grange Hill actors have lost touch over the years; while others may not have recordings of their TV appearances. Using the wonder that is GH Online, we can put you back in touch! If you'd like your own Grange Hill microsite, we can set it up for you! Other services we offer include:
- Your very own Grange Hill e-mail address (ie. fred.bloggs@grangehill.org)
- Star Files and updates to existing profiles
- Your own GH microsite, ie. Lee MacDonald.co.uk
- Reunion arrangements
- A contact database maintained by GH Online enabling actors who have lost touch to contact each other


Keep in touch with Grange Hill E-mail
For some time now it's been possible to have your very own Grange Hill e-mail address, which redirects e-mail to your usual account. Anyone can apply for their very own Grange Hill address, ending in @grangehill.org.

But for ex-cast members GH Online's Webmail service has extra benefits! With an easy-to-remember grangehill.org suffix, you don't have to worry about remembering individual e-mails for your contacts. Let's say you wanted to get in touch with Erkan Mustafa. You could take a chance and fire off a message to erkan@grangehill.org and if the account exists, he'll get your e-mail.

The best thing about Grange Hill webmail addresses is they're absolutely free and you've got them for life.

Click here for more information about GH Online Webmail.


If you've ever fancied your own website in the style of GH Online - we can arrange that for you! Look at the navbar on the right and you'll see we already offer four microsites dedicated to particular characters and/or actors. Among these is Ziggy.tv, the home page of George Christopher who played Ziggy Greaves. Although most of these follow a similar pattern, we can tailor your site to suit your individual requirements and if you like you can even maintain your own site!


Star Files and extended character profiles
The level of interest in Grange Hill actors remains high, even for those who left the series many years ago. One of GH Online's most popular sections is STAR FILE, the pages which profile Grange Hill actors from the present day all the way back to the beginning.

Star Files on the early actors are often compiled from the old Grange Hill annuals, and so might be out of date. Furthermore, Star Files look much better on the site when they are written by the actor featured and appear in the first person. We would love to have up-to-date profiles for as many Grange Hill cast members as we can. So if you'd like to take part in Star File, let us know! Alternatively, if we already have a Star File on you and you would like us to update it, please drop us a line.