This is ROLL CALL, our log of every actor who has played a main character in Grange Hill from 1978 to 2008.

Included are dates of birth (where known), character(s) played and screen dates. The list uses the following key:

P Pupil
T Teacher
HM Head teacher
O Other main (ie. parents)

"XS" indicates Christmas Special. Hover over names for Star Files or Character Profiles.

If we have missed a key character please let me know!
Actor's Name D.O.B. Character(s) played Between Type Remarks
Josh Abdelfatah ABDELFATAH Josh Michael Tranter 2003 P
Paul Adams ADAMS Paul (aka PARRIS Paul) Matthew Pearson 1988-1992 P
John Alford ALFORD John 30/10/71 Robbie Wright 1985-1990 P
Rene Alperstein ALPERSTEIN Rene 30/06/64 Pamela Cartwright 1981 P Older sister of Matthew
Derek Anders ANDERS Derek Mr Parkes 1978 T
Ayesha Antoine ANTOINE Ayesha 08/05/81 Poppy Silver 1995-1998 P
Tony Armatrading ARMATRADING Tony Mr Peter McCartney 1985 T Music teacher
George Armstrong ARMSTRONG George 07/09/62 Alan Humphries 1978-1982 P Known as Alan Hargreaves in Series 1
Wenona Armstrong-Lowe ARMSTRONG-LOWE Wenona   Megan Williams 2008 P
Sean Arnold ARNOLD Sean 30/04/41 Mr Llewelyn 1979 HM
Abigail Arundel ARUNDEL Abigail (aka BROWN Abigail) Judy Preston 1978-1979 P
Amma Asante ASANTE Amma Cheryl Webb 1986-1987 P Older sister of Louise
Graham Ashley ASHLEY Graham 26/04/27 Mr Garfield 1978-80 T First caretaker. Actor died before broadcast of Series 3
Desmond Askew ASKEW Desmond 17/12/72 Richard 1991-1994 P
Edward Baker-Duly BAKER-DULY Edward Mr Chris Malachay 2003-2006 T
Neville Barber BARBER Neville 01/03/31 Mr John Curtis 1980-1981 T
Sam Bardens BARDENS Sam 26/02/84 Adam Hawkins 1998-2001 P
Kacey Barnfield BARNFIELD Kacey 14/01/88 Maddie Gilks 2001-2006 P
Tony Barton BARTON Tony Albert Humphries 1980-1981 O Alan's dad. Played by Peter Childs in Tucker's Luck
BATESON Timothy 03/04/26 Mr Thomson 1981-1982 T Caretaker
Mark Baxter BAXTER Mark 21/05/65 Duane Orpington 1980-1984 P
Jonathan Beilby BEILBY Jonathan Gyngell 2008 P
Aran Bell BELL Aran Mr Phil Scott 1987 T
Kate Bell BELL Kate 21/04/81 Kelly Bradshaw 1995-2001 P
Rachel Bell BELL Rachel Mrs Margaret Holmes 1997-2002 T
Kim Benson BENSON Kim Mary Johnson 1978-1980 P
Timothy Bentinck BENTINCK Timothy 01/06/53 Fred Mitchell (Lucy's dad) 1995, 1997 O
Alison Bettles BETTLES Alison 22/04/69 Fay Lucas 1982-1987 P Daughter of June Bettles, GH senior chaperone until 2002
Paul Bigley BIGLEY Paul Dave Greenman 1993-1995 T Incompetent caretaker who replaced Mr Griffiths
Kevin Bishop BISHOP Kevin 18/06/80 Sam Spalding 1994-1995 P
Mark Bishop BISHOP Mark Michael Green 1980 P Benny's brother
Marita Black BLACK Marita Ms Patti Janowitz 1992 T
Paula Ann Bland BLAND Paula Ann 23/05/68 Claire Scott 1981-1985 P
Joanne Boakes BOAKES Joanne Anita Unsworth 1980-1984 P
Jacqueline Boatswain BOATSWAIN Jacqueline Mrs Bassinger 2003-2006 HM Headmistress from 2005
Carey Born BORN Carey Karen Stanton 1980-1981 P Andrew's sister. Appeared just once in Series 4
Hollie-Jay Bowes BOWES Hollie Jay Dawn O'Malley 2005-2006 P
Luisa Bradshaw-White BRADSHAW-WHITE Luisa 09/12/75 Maria Watts 1991-1994 P
William Brand BRAND William Mr Jan Van der Groot 1991 T
Cheryl Branker BRANKER Cheryl Miss Susan Peterson 1980-1981 T
Lyndy Brill BRILL Lyndy 30/7/63 Cathy Hargreaves 1979-1982 P
Vincent Brimble BRIMBLE Vincent Martin Glover 1986-1987 O
Michael Brogan BROGAN Michael a) Ambulance Man
b) Alan Clarke (Darren's dad)
Freddie Brooks BROOKS Freddie a) Arthur Knowles
b) School Disco DJ
Dequaine Brown BROWN Dequaine Theo Benson 2008 P `
Joshua Brown BROWN Josh Alex Pickering 2005-2007 P
Max Brown BROWN Max 10/02/81 Danny Hartston 2001-2002 P
Francesco Bruno BRUNO Francesco 21/06/84 Franco Savi 1998-2000 P
Clare Buckfield BUCKFIELD Clare 10/04/76 Natasha Stevens 1992-1993 P
Julie Buckfield BUCKFIELD Julie 10/04/76 Natalie Stevens 1990-1993 P
Matthew Buckley BUCKLEY Matthew Martin Miller 2001- P
Lauren Bunney BUNNEY Lauren Annie Wainwright 2003-2005 P
Mark Burdis BURDIS Mark Christopher "Stewpot" Stewart 1981-1985 P
Fraser Cains CAINS Fraser Mr Bill "Scruffy" McGuffy 1982-1984 T
Brian Capron CAPRON Brian 11/02/49 Mr Stuart Hopwood 1980-1983 T
Lucie Carey CAREY Lucie 16/02/82 "Hammy" 1994 P
Thomas Carey CAREY Thomas 22/09/82 Alec Jones 1996-2000 P
Sean Carnegie CARNEGIE Sean a) Lee Johnson
b) Duane (partygoer)
Dominick Carrara CARRARA Dominick M. Christophe Urdy 1996, 1998 T
Ruth Carraway CARRAWAY Ruth Helen Kelly 1985 (XS); 1986-1989 P
Todd Carty CARTY, Todd 31/08/63 Peter "Tucker" Jenkins 1978-1982, 2003, 2008 P
David Case CASE David Russell Joseph 1996-1998 T
Brenda Cavendish CASSIDY Grace   Rachel Towers 2007-2008 P
Kirsten Cassidy CASSIDY Kirsten 29/01/90 Tanya Young 2003-2008 P
Alan Cave CAVE Alan 31/08/79 Dennis Morris (Techno) 1992-1998 P
Brenda Cavendish CAVENDISH Brenda a) Mrs Schubert
b) Mrs Cresswell
Nadia Chambers CHAMBERS Nadia 13/01/68 Annette Firman 1982-1985 P
Douglas Chamberlain CHAMBERLAIN Douglas Julian Fairbrother 1985 P
Sheila Chandra CHANDRA Sheila 14/03/65 Sudhamani Patel 1979-1981 P
Stephanie Charles CHARLES Stephanie Liz 1995 P
Catherine Chevalier CHEVALIER Catherine Mme. Sylvie Lefevre 1996 T Head of French and mother of Cecile
George Christopher CHRISTOPHER George (aka WILSON, George) 05/01/70 Ziggy Greaves 1986-1989 P
Mmoloki Chrystie CHRYSTIE Mmoloki Kevin Baylon 1984-1986 P
Madelaine Church CHURCH Madelaine Miss Margaret Stone 1988-1989 T
Ian Congdon-Lee CONGDON-LEE Ian Ted Fisk 1988-1992 P
Lyndsey Cook COOK Lyndsey Alicia 1995-1996 P
George A. Cooper COOPER George A. 07/03/25 Mr Eric Griffiths 1985 (XS); 1986-1992 T
Andrew Cornell CORNELL Andrew Larry Blythe 1985 P
Lee Cornes CORNES Lee Mr Geoff Hankin 1990-2002 T
COVENTRY Michael   Ducket 2008 P
Belinda Crane CRANE Belinda 01/05/79 Lucy Mitchell 1993-1998 P
David Crane CRANE David   Barry Timpson 1990-1993 P
Hilary Crane CRANE Hilary Ruth Jenkins 1978-1981 O Tucker's mum
Michael Cronin CRONIN Michael Mr Geoff "Bullet" Baxter 1979-1986 T
Chris Crookall CROOKALL Chris Andy Turner 2003-2007 P
Darren Cudjoe CUDJOE Darren Clarke Trent 1988-1989 P
Danny Cunningham CUNNINGHAM Danny Liam Brady 1992-1993 O Boyfriend of Justine Dean, killed in road accident
Lucinda Curtis CURTIS Lucinda Mrs Liz Reagan 1986-1988 T PE mistress and mother of Laura
Aidan J. David DAVID Aidan J. 23/12/81 James "Arnie" Arnold 1994-2001 P Brother of Jessica
Ruth Davies DAVIES Ruth Penny Lewis 1979-1982 P
Dena Davis DAVIS Dena Martha Jordan 1994 T English and Drama teacher, visiting from Texas
Alice Dawnay DAWNAY Alice Alice Rowe 1990-1992 P
Kate Deakin DEAKIN Kate Miss Bettany 2008 T
Mark de Couteau DE COUTEAU Mark Stuart 1992-1993 P
Jill Dixon DIXON Jill Miss Pauline Clark 1978-1979 T Science mistress
Jonathan Dixon DIXON Jonathan Matthew "Mooey" Humphries 2003-2007 P
John Drummond DRUMMOND John a) Barry
b) Trevor Cleaver
Nicholas Donnelly DONNELLY Nicholas Mr Craig McKenzie 1985-1993 T Jovial Scottish craft teacher
Lucinda Duckett DUCKETT Lucinda Ann Wilson 1978 P
Terri Dwyer DWYER Terri Miss Adams 2005-2006 T
Mark Eadie EADIE Mark (aka CHAPMAN Mark) Andrew Stanton 1979-1981 P
Stephen Earle EARLE Stephen Paul Longworth 1996-1998 O Chris Longworth's father
Lisa East EAST Lisa Christine Everson 1982-1984 P
Dennis Edwards EDWARDS Dennis Mr Humphries 1985 HM Headmaster who ousted Mrs McClusky in the three-school merger
Oliver Elmidoro ELMIDORO Oliver 11/10/81 Tom Smith 1997-2002 P
Alison Etienne ETIENNE Alison Sharon Burton 1986-1987 P
Joanne Eversdon-Bell EVERSDON-BELL Joanne Sarah Wilks 1983-1985 P