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From Tucker Jenkins to Baz Wainwright, Trisha Yates to Emma Bolton, GH Online covers all aspects of the series from launch in 1978 to its final series in 2008. Here you'll find a goldmine of facts, features, pics and video clips. So whether you're 13 or 30, 8 or 80, there's something here for YOU!
Old school, current class or in between?  GH ONLINE has it all!!!

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Looking for info on your favourite actors? Star File has everything you need to know.
But if it's the characters you want to read about there are two ways to do this; THE KNOW profiles the current GH gang...
...while those from previous series are the subject of SCHOOL REPORT.
Worried about any of the issues covered in Grange Hill? I NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE lists relevant links and helplines.
THE HISTORY ZONE delves into the past of Grange Hill, revealing how the series began and the moments which gave the show its notoriety.
CLOSE UP is the place to find out more about the people and stories which bring Grange Hill to your screens.
Watch clips of all your favourite Grange Hill moments in the VIDEO VAULT.
And every day your questions and comments are answered in our write-in page, SOUND OFF!

What the Actors say  
Thomas Hudson Browsing through your web-site, very impressed!
Thomas Hudson, GH actor 2003-2007
Emma Waters Thanks you to for your awesome site.
Emma Waters, Grange Hill actress 2000-2001
I have to say your site has been a real eye opener to me, and you've done us proud! George Christopher told me it was addictive!
Rachel Victoria Roberts, GH actress 1988-1994
Excellent, brilliant site.
Alison Bettles, Grange Hill actress 1982-1987
Renee Montemayor I have visited your web site.  It is very impressive! You must be very proud of it.
Renee Montemayor, GH actress 2000-2002
Adam Sopp Well done for such a comprehensive site, and congratulations for having it talked about at the get together! Every time I walked over to another group of people it seemed as if they were talking about your site!
Adam Sopp, GH actor 1999-2002
Blinding site you got there. Take care and be lucky!
John Alford, in Grange Hill 1985-1990
Robert Craig Morgan I have just found your site while having a search with a group of friends. I must say it is very good indeed, a great source to find out info about the cast of the programme past and present.
Robert Craig Morgan, GH actor 1978-1982


Press Reviews  
Old and new fans are catered for, with detailed info on the most recent series, and video clips of great moments from the series' past. Even dopey Alan would manage to navigate his way around this site. If anyone tries to shift you from the screen, "just say no!"
Total TV Guide, 29 Sep-05 October 2007
Although it's an unofficial site, it's well-researched and easy to navigate. It includes articles on the latest series, favourite storylines, behind-the-scenes facts and helplines relating to the programme's issues. It's entertaining for current viewers as well as those looking for a quick fix of nostalgia. Star Rating: 4 out of 5
TV Times, 25-31 August 2001
A winningly enthusiastic fan site. There is a great piece on Gripper Stebson who was terrifying in the early 1980s.
The Metro Newspaper, London edition

Well don't just take their word for it - have a look round. Happy browsing!

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