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This page contains some Borehamwood locations, used for series 15.

View of Neptune House, often used as part of Grange Hill School

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The Woodcock

Justine discusses English slang with the American teacher, after she gives some Grange-Hill kids a flea in their ear...

Croxdale Road, Borehamwood. Nowhere near the previous scene of the back alley where Justine and Liam were kanoodling.

Justine asks why Miss Janovitz carries her bags in her arms, rather than using the handles...

The Woodcock pub, opposite Linton Avenue, Borehamwood. After allegations of drug dealing, the pub was closed in 2005, and is now boarded up.


Pedestrian Underpass

"There's someone grinning at you from over there, and I don't think he's a leprechaun."

Pedestrian crossing along Elstree Way. We're next to "Oaklands College" here. This road links the A1 to Borehamwood, and leads to Shenley Road and the BBC studios. Behind us, on the other side, are industrial estates, one of which was used for Helen's work experience a few series ago.

Chrissie gets taunted about her pregnancy....

The underground crossing in 2005. 

Ray's Trainers

Ray is trying to impress the American teacher by his compatible taste in trainers....

Ray hops out of view, letting us see the high street behind.

Shops at Shenley Road Borehamwood. You can see Swift Dry Cleaners in the episode, and also the church hall entrance which lies beyond these shops in the layby. The BBC studios are a stone's throw away, across the road. No shoe shop here in 2005 (perhaps it was just a rack plonked down)

Car Cleaning Scam

When people don't want to have their car windscreens cleaned, perhaps a little mud will persuade them otherwise?

Rear of the Boulevard 25 Retail Park in Borehamwood. Once again we literally yards away from the BBC studios. The path ahead leads back to Shenley Road.

Perhaps brain surgery would be more lucrative than car-washing?

This is outside what is now Lidl's supermarket. This is a large and popular precinct at the back of Shenley Road, built around 1987 on the site of the factory of a long-standing photographic company - Dufay-Chromex.




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