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Series Two  7 May  Brookdale


In series two, Grange Hill is still at Kingsbury High, and filming around Kingsbury for the most part.  Some new locations were used, in particular an old part of Kingsbury where there are lovely white houses.  The crew went further west for the stalking sequence, over to Preston Road, Wembley Park and also to Wandsworth's Arnedale for the Shopping Centre scenes. 

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Series Two School Trip & "The Precinct"

Series Two Cathy section

Below:-  sign at the entrance to the lower school.

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Brookdale School

Brookdale School is seen twice in series two.  First, Judy Preston has to go there instead of Grange Hill, then later a mini-war erupts over stolen blazers, and Tucker, Benny and Alan make an unofficial visit. So where is this school?  Well, the clue is in the chimneys...  The houses opposite are the same (general) shape as those seen in series three, set mostly in Willesden.  A search through every school in Willesden leads us to the following discovery....

After being ambushed, an angry Brookdale kid returns to base to call upon support.

At first glance this might not look the same... The grass patch has a kind of familiarity with its bench, and here are some close-ups to help.

Those narrow windows match...

...and, although they've built all kinds of clutter around it, and rebuilt most of the visible school, compare the little jutting white bit of roof on this section.

Trisha prepares to murder a foolish Brookdale who takes liberties upon her person..

Part of Queens Park Community School in 2005. I'm afraid my full picture of the school didn't come out very clear, so a revisit is necessary. There's an enormous new building to the left of here.  The brick pillars may be left over from the original building.

This is Aylestone Avenue, with very posh houses,  in Brondsbury Park, East of Willesden and West of Kilburn.

"Run Hughesy!"

Aylestone Avenue, looking south East. Main entrance to school. Brick pillars have gone, fencing replaced by railings, but note the shape of the road, and the slabless pavement.

A quick getaway back to school...

A short run away from the Brookdale locations, and turning into Chudleigh Road, Brondsbury Park... These houses are ginormous!  After this scene Tucker and co are back in Princes Ave, Kingsbury.  Without a car, the trip is complicated - a series of buses, or tubes and buses links the two locations.

Brookdale Skirmish

After poking fun at the Chinese chap from Mind Your Language at the local takeaway, Tucker and co, run off without lunch, and stop to recover their breath....

This is a house on Chelmsford Square, Willesden Green.  It took ages to find this location - the clue was the type of house observed opposite Brookdale which matches the type of house in Willesden Green. Although there's bits of shrubbery in the way, you can see the side window configuration lines up, and it actually looks like the same wall still exists.  So the location crew came to Willesden Green, a short walk away from the third series school, in series two!

Benny's good intentions go awry when Brookdale's kids spot him, and give chase...

I was not 100% sure this was a correct location match, until I noticed the different colour tiles on the roof, in the furthermost house.  This is also Chelmsford Square, a tennis court is in the centre of this little enclosed road. On all sides, alleyways lead to other small roads in this secluded part of Willesden.

Benny blames Tucker, but Tucker tells him it was his fault for taking the blazer back....

The tennis courts are zoomed-in along with Tucker's face, and this gives an illusion that the opposite houses are closer.  In the chase sequence, there's a peculiar anomaly in that Tucker first runs through an alley way that arrives back, as though in a mobius strip, on this same road that he left!

Benny runs off to get his blazer back as the war continues....

Probably the right passageway, but there are several similar passages leading off from this area.


Cathy & The Stalker

Click the above for a special page with the stalking sequence of episode eight.

Justin and Andrew

Justin and Andrew... Andrew seems to have something on his mind..

Slough Lane, a quiet area just off the busy Kingsbury Road. All looks rather unchanged.

"It's just that I've got something on my mind...."

"Ferndene", Slough Lane, a rather grim looking block of flats.  An early map of Kingsbury shows a place called Ferndene here, so probably gave its name.


Above - Tucker climbs the green tower in series two, and how it looks today - it has a new lick of paint, and the roof has been renovated.

Mr Baxter lies in wait for Tucker.... A view from slightly further back to show entrance in 2005.  Green-painted spikey fence keeps unwanted sneaky photographers out, boo, but the road is much the same, with more traffic calming, and grippy style pavement blocks.

Simon & Tricia

Tricia's been told to make sure sleepyhead Simon Shaw wakes up...

Above:- In 2005, a few changes here and there to this sleepy part of Kingsbury, near Roe End.

Below:- Simon's house is the one with a green door.

Above, Simon heads off without waiting for 'Tricia.  Today those houses (in Roe End and Shorts Croft) look only a little changed - the same white fence, a tree gone, a lamppost moved... This is close to Kingsbury School, an area resembling a cute little village in the middle of the suburbs.  

Historical note: These houses aren't really that old. They date from the First World War and were built - too late - for workers at the local munitions factories.  Kingsbury grew enormously in the 1930's, after the underground reached out this far, and was previously a rural area.    Hay Lane and Bacon Lane are both ancient roads that date back to at least the sixteenth centuries.  As could be guessed from this first name, hay making was a primary activity in this hilly area. Also there was a place called Haydon House marked on a 19th century map, along Hay Lane. Both Hay Lane and Wakemans Hill connect Kingsbury to the Roman road - Watling Street, which is known as the Edgware Road in modern times.

On a 1924 map, around where the school would be built a few years later, we see an area marked "polo grounds".  Where we will see Fairfields Road (series one) there is indeed a field called "Fairfields". Perhaps children once rolled down these hills. 

Tricia and boyfriend talking in  Byron Avenue, Kingsbury. They stand next to the left wall (picture above right) before moving across the road to Park Gardens (shown below)

The school is out of sight, it would be a few dozen yards away if you turned right and crossed over.

Outwitting SAG

The cricketers wait near the school's "Annex", i.e. out the back entrance.

The corner of Bacon Lane and Goldsmith Lane is a halfway point between the Lower and Upper school. There are some fine old houses along here.

"But look..." SAG, demonstrating against school uniforms, and considering school sports to be against their interests, have realised where the cricket teams have sneaked away to.

Corner of Bacon Lane, with the Upper School's rear entrance on the immediate left. Below, other views from this location, used sometimes in series two Below:- sneaky shot taken over the gate.

Left: Inverse view of the school entrance shown above. Due to no access, I cannot offer an equivalent view...

Above: Tricia collects Simon, and they go to school through the back way.

Above: The rear school entrance, in Bacon Lane, with middle of the road bollards still in place.  This route to school is consistent with Simon's home location near Roe End, though Tricia has a long haul from Stag Lane (see series 1 page), but she might have caught a bus.



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