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This is a special page about the locations used in series two, episode eight.  There were a lot of photos to present, so I've isolated them for easier download.

The episode starts with the school alerting its pupils to the presence in the area of a man following girls home.  In the afternoon, Tricia and Cathy take a parcel to the Post Office, happy to do so in order to get off earlier.  Forgetful of the earlier warning, and also that Tricia's sister would be expecting her outside school, the two girls split up after the parcel is posted.  There's a stalker apparently following Cathy home.  Carol alerts Mr. Mitchell, who contacts the police, and they set off in search of the two girls.

This story is quite interesting from a locations point of view, because it's almost entirely external scenes, not just to a one-off event, like Beaconsfield later in the series, but local to the area used for other external filming.  

When watching this episode, one might perceive that the girls' route home is a plausible path, the reality is that there are a number of distinct areas visited.  This might have been because they wanted a long country-like path to be used, and there's few of these in the parts of urban Kingsbury filmed for the near-school scenes.

Some of the locations were located by noting the shop names, and matching against directories of 1978.  Others were found by noting the topography of the roads, and matching against likely candidates in about a mile radius from Kingsbury High School.

If you want to study the locations used, I'd recommend using or and centre on Kingsbury Circle (Kingsbury High Road is to the right, Fryent Way shoots off to the South).  If you visit the area note that Kingsbury High Road is notoriously chockablock with traffic.

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Tricia and Cathy walk to the Post Office, but who is that behind them?

Note the shopping trolley, presumably outside Woolworths.  In the 1970's,  Before the times of huge supermarkets, Woolworths sold food and pet-food, soap powder, toilet rolls...

I once worked in Woolworths in Colindale (now a pub), which is about a mile and a half away. One day the manager got me to cart a boxed lawnmower all the way, on foot, to the one above. All in a day's work for a stockroom boy!

A view from the other side, showing Woolworths - the Post Office is a few shops left of here, next to a shoe shop, in turn next to Lloyd's Bank, which can be seen here as a TSB.


Cathy and Tricia post a parcel for the school secretary in order to get off early, but who's the geezer waiting outside?

Kingsbury Post Office with shoe shop adjacent. Same graffiti artist? After this scene, the girls visit a boutique. 


Left:- Hmm, now what we need is a wider picture... So I've reversed and mixed in the window reflection, as bottom left.  This now clearly matches the shot from 2005.  Annoyingly the neighbouring shop pulled his blinds down just as I was setting up my shot.  It's much more obvious this is the correct place when you look at the chimneys, and the leftmost end. 

This was 491 Kingsbury Road, "Flirtation Boutique", just a little further down the road from the Post Office.

Above:- Stalker waits for Cathy... (modified picture to show other side of street)


Exact chimney match up..  There were 6 possible places for the boutique - women's outfitters of one sort or other - in Kingsbury Road in '78.

Note the black painted area on the post, and the shape of the little area above the door.

Simi Hair and Beauty in 2005.


Who is this following Cathy home? (revised view which shows above the shopfronts)

For interest, the shops were right to left: Sage Ironmongers; Kingsbury Takeaway; William Hill (top left of his head); Morris Rt & Co  Estate Agents; Record Parlour, Midland Bank.

(revised) Kingsbury High Road, looking towards Kingsbury Circle (out of sight) A very difficult shot to place, as so much has changed.  In the end I noticed the William Hill bookmakers (blue background sign) is about the only premises still existing, and the type of bay windows above the old Midland Bank (now HSBC) just about visible as the white backround sign to the far left. Also note the white pillars between the buildings.  The Post Office we've just seen is just down the road a bit on this side.



In the meantime, Carol has raised the alert when Tricia doesn't show up.  The police are called, and Mr Mitchell, with Carol start searching for the two girls.

Kingsbury Circle, the Kingsland Hotel.  The car is seen generally in the area of Preston Hill (views from inside the car),  then passes by Kingsbury Circle, before going up Honeypot Lane, which would be the wrong way considering what follows...


The stalking continues after Cathy parts company with Tricia.

A change of location - Cathy has dematerialised from Kingsbury, and jaunted across to Preston Road, about a mile S.W, just next to Grasmere Avenue.

Cathy walks off the high street, oblivious...

In 2005, Aquarius Fashion Jewellery has become Abby's Food and Wine; and Arthur's Cut Price Store has turned into Preston Dry Cleaning.  

Some of these cars are antiques.

Early morning light shining right at me, makes photography tricky.  This is Grasmere Avenue. Back in 1978, Cathy headed down Longfield Avenue, which frankly leads nowhere.  That tree looks like it's suffered a bit. Hedges gone on the left.

Meanwhile... the Inspector, Mr Mitchell, and Carol have located Tricia...

Tricia seems lost in her own world...

This took a long time to find, and much walking.  Belvedere Way is where we are, above, turning sharp into Tyler's Gate. You can glimpse that tall building in the '78 show.  This has changed very little, hasn't it? We even have that same path across the grass verge, although the street lamps have moved. It's deceptive  - the '78 view looks very steep, but it isn't really.

"There she is..." Tricia is seen up ahead...

This area looks a little rougher round the edges these days, the green seems shorter. My 1970's A-Z shows a road missing  around the back of here, so perhaps they built on the land.  We're a long way (3 miles?) from Tricia's original home which we fixed somewhere near to Stag Lane Burnt Oak, but of course we can never read too much into the real-life locations we observe.

After giving Tricia a good ticking off, away they go to find Cathy....

Fryent Country Park can be seen on the horizon in both my photo and the '78 view. Again, the Grange Hill view seems to show a steeper hill, probably because of the low camera angle, although we are high-up here.

On the right track?

Preston Hill.. heading south... camera swivels round to the scene below...

And zoom down the hill we go...

The car must double back to get where it appears to be in the following shot... The right-hand bus stop was hidden by the tree in the 1978 picture, but look carefully, and you will see people waiting.



Cathy runs through a public footpath, closely pursued. "Wait I want to talk to you.."

Path from Fryent Way that leads to Shakespeare Road. Path seems a little more rugged today.


Car rushes down The Mall... 

(updated) View of The Mall. The location crew used a zoom from Shakespeare Drive,  and swivelled around as the white car screeched round. Note the fancy black and white painted house just about visible to the far right, my angle is still wrong in this picture, rats!  The car must have doubled-back, since we are now North of our previous location.

Screeching turn, as Mr. Mitchell, Carol and Tricia Yates and the long arm of the law search for Cathy.

Match up those tiny windows...  The Mall, turning into Shakespeare Drive, near Fryent Country Park, half a mile SW of Kingsbury.

Down the twisty road, they go....

The white houses seem to have lost their whiteness in 2005 (not an exact location match up: we are slightly down the road.)

Cathy's final mad dash.... will she be rescued in time?

This is the end of a short public footpath that crosses a railway bridge, and leads to the busy Fryent Way.  It all looks quite different, but that's probably because of the new school to the left. It has to be the right location, because the camera swivels to reveal the view below.

Cathy zooms around the bend...

(revised) They've messed with this road since 1978, probably to give a driveway to the school, unseen on our right. Loads of hedges have gone, but look how that fir tree has grown!

So-called stalker runs out of places to go...

This is the end of Shakespeare Drive, a curiously shaped road which starts bendy, then is long and straight, and ends with this closed square.  The pole is still there. 

All's well that ends well.. But all was not what it seemed...

Another view of very straight Shakespeare Road, with Robin Grove on the right just ahead.


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