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The school trip 

Above left - Doyle makes a getaway, horrified at the thought of his mum being seen.... Above right, the same scene, with Kingsbury Lower school on the right (out of sight) and the upper school behind those large trees (also out of sight!)

"Michael you've forgotten your wellingtons!" - This view up to Roe Green is from a place adjacent to the Lower School of Kingsbury High.  The houses look pretty much unchanged, but there are new buildings in the vicinity - a Community centre for instance.

A rare view of the lower school - coach leaves Grange Hill bound for Beaconsfield. Below - was this nearby fenced-in waste land a part of the school once? I am not sure, trying to work it out. It is possible that this land is all that remains of a swimming pool which was around here in 1978 (but not part of the school) 

Above and below, the same section of the lower school in 2005 (strangely flat perspective above, because it is a long distance shot)

Mr. Baxter at rear of school

This is zoomed in from a distance in a muddy field, at a slightly different angle (my options were limited!) and you can see it matches the right hand side behind Mr. Baxter.  Note the goal post! The area with blue poles are often seen, but from the other side, inside the school premises.

You'll see the very generous football pitch is now near the newer buildings, in 2005. I can't be sure, but we seem to have lost some of the older buildings which can be seen in series two, during the rugby session.

The Precinct

A 44 bus perhaps?  Cathy is being led astray by Madelin Tanner.

Comparable shot with curving pavement. This is near one of the entrances to Wandsworth's Southside shopping centre. The outside is completely different in 2005.

No comparable image to this. There are no external shops in this part now, all the retail outlets are now inside the enclosed mall, and there's just a plain entrance. Below left inside around 1979, and below right, the mall has been rebuilt, or substantially renovated by 2005, and even stores like Boots (which can just be glimpsed as the main shop ahead of us in the old picture) are in different places.  The location of this place is confirmed by many store names seen during the episode, matched against a 1978 Kelly's Directory.

See the Series 3 page for other mall pictures (they match up a little better!)



Cathy heads upstairs to drop sugar lumps onto the boys below...

It's all so enormously changed that we can't make a one-to-one comparison.  Many of the shops now have an upstairs. Here's a restaurant above us, which could be used in a recreation of that scene, except there is no seating below.  There's a Pizza Hut, a Books Etc, and a cinema above us.


No Clockwork Orange shop is listed in 1978, it could have been a brand-new shop. The Clockwork Orange brand today only exists in Northern Ireland. Its location would suggest it was previously Scan Television Rentals. To the left, you can see (later) there's Radio Rentals, Home Bouquets and Dove's Car Accessories (possibly under a different name) - you can glimpse the word "motoring" in the shop name.

Yes, well we can't really match the boutique.  But perhaps they would have used this shop in 2005....


Cathy and co make a dash for it, but there's no escape from the rooftops...

In 2005, I can't match up any of the views - was it even the same building they used? Are we now on a rebuilt rooftop some distance from the old one?  See that pointy building - is that just about visible in the shot (above left) poking up in the skyline?

 I suspect the old building was about 3 floors high, this one is much taller.  Judge for yourself.  The rooftop car-park is six floors above ground level, and was empty on a busy Saturday.   Some further views of the car park roof below, left and right.

Cathy and Madelin Tanner play hide and seek with a security guard...

Comparable view of a rebuilt rooftop exit.



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