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This is just work in progress for the Borehamwood years, and in particular Series Ten. 

Locations in Series Ten include many around Borehamwood, but we jaunt back into North West London, Kensal Rise, which is a stone's throw from the previous location shooting down in Willesden.

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St Mary's School

"Look at it, you would have thought they'd have changed the board... "

And so begins Series Ten.

St. Marys becomes St. Teresa's.The sign is to the middle of the school's front area, whereas the fictional sign has been placed to the right edge.

Freddy wonders if he'll be allowed into the Sixth Form part of Grange Hill...

Big changes around Brook Road, Borehamwood since '87. The white low building is part of Elstree Studios (not the Beeb, but the original film studios, where they made things like Star Wars). That building on the right wasn't there in '87 and we've lost a tree. The roundabout up ahead leads you to the main shopping area to the right, the industrial part, straight on, and to housing estates on the left.

Left: Another view of "St. Mary's" showing the low buildings, barely glimpsed during the opening scene of episode one.

Mini Shopping Area

Roland encounters Danny's pavement art.

2005 view of the same area, below. No pavement any more, just brickwork!

Mr Bronson shops at Tesco...

This area has been transformed since the 80's.  This is the Metropolis Centre.  The Tesco's here was previously quite small, so they built a larger store a short walk away, where part of the old Elstree Studios buildings once stood.  The car park for Tescos used to be accessible from Furzhill Road to the right.

Ziggy and Robbie athletically jump over the low wall and bump into Mr. B.

18 years later those tiny shrubs are mighty bushes.  Jumping over them now could be quite a trick!

Danny has a fainting attack.. but friends are at hand to help.

The flats ahead are much the same in 2005, but the shops have changed hands.


Milk Bottles and the Roll of Cable

Vince and Hollo try to acquire some milk bottles...

26 Station Terrace, Kensal Rise.  The Builders' Supply has turned into Lola's Takeaway while the two neighbouring shops have given way to the lure of Chicken Cottage. Note the shape of the window above the white door is identical.

"You can give up if you want to Rob, but me, never!"

Chamberlayne Road facing South East.  The Station Terrace area on the right is used for buses turning.  The only premises that I could spot unchanged was the John Nodes Funeral Parlour.

Milkman sees Ziggy with cable, and the telephone engineer nearby, and puts 2 and 2 together to make 5.

The Post Office has shrunk to a little shop, while the main building is a Chinese Healthcare centre. To the right is the very long Chevening Road. Graffitti, like it does everywhere in London, degrades the district.

Vince rests his hand on the milk bottles....

Creem & Co can be seen on the 1987 image - a dry cleaners with John Nodes Funeral Service next door.  There's still a dry cleaners today, and John Nodes is still present, about the only place nearby to be unchanged. Could do with a bit of a clean, that shop!

Windows above John Nodes look different, while those fancy ones to the left are the same in 2005.

Scarily high camera (poking out from the flats, or on a crane?)

This is the road you see leading upwards on the left, it confused me for a while till I realised we were viewing the other side of the road, so facing SW.  This is Bolton Gardens.

"Your go.."  Big reel of cable has other plans.

Church of the Transfiguration is up ahead, as is the railway station, conveniently out of shot. Tree still present and correct.  Forbidding double yellows...  Parking's not too bad here, plenty of pay & display alongside the roads that come in from the NE (towards Kilburn)

Don't panic!

Chamberlayne Road facing SE,  a good slope for rolling wheels down...

Milkman takes a tumble, and chaos ensues, which gives opportunity for some empty bottle collection from the milk float...

Slightly different view of Chamberlayne Road, heading N.W. If you continued up here, and took the 4th road on the left, it leads to Doyle Gardens, where the second Grange Hill School used to be located (See series three and four pages).



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