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Series Eleven




Work in progress...  In series eleven, very much the golden years, Grange Hill continued to be filmed at the BBC Elstree Studios.  In time, this page will reflect the locations used around Borehamwood and Hatfield.  For now, here are the locations used during Ronnie's shoplifting debacle.

I'd like to thank Neil Roberts for contributing information about these locations.

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Selling Stuff

Ronnie has got herself into a pickle: she took her mum's rainy day money to finance her rap entry. Now she needs to earn some money to repay it, but her mum won't let her do a paper round.  She sets up a stall outside a record shop with Fiona in order to sell some of her collection....

Camera pans to Ronnie's stall on the left, in the local shopping precinct....

So where is this mystery place?  It's St. Albans - the Maltings shopping precinct.   The Virgin record shop has long since gone, and is now Tchibe kitchenware store.  

"Cutting prices already?" Ronnie is about to get tempted....

Got a bit mixed up here, and didn't get the correct shop (Something for another day!) You can just about see "Tchibe" on the right, which is where the Virgin store used to be.

It's a fair cop... Ronnie gets caught shoplifting and is led away.....

Round the corner from the record shop, in the Maltings.  It looks like all the shops have changed hands since the late 80's.

Is that the ghost of Mr Baxter on the left?



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