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Some rough match ups for Series 12....

Manor Way was used from time to time, for the various shops (newspaper shop, fish and chips takeaway), and general scenes around the crossing, and to the left of the shops where there are flats and houses.

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Manor Way

When I was in Borehamwood, I took a couple of pictures of Manor Way.  We're about half a mile from the BBC studios.

Gonch puts forward plans to use Mandy for the homework scam, while Trevor is about to butt in.

Manor Way Borehamwood, showing all the shops in 2005.  The Zebra crossing is now a Pelican crossing, and severe traffic calming makes it a bumpy ride down the road.

Gonch has just discussed using Mandy for the homework scam; Trevor has butted in with his own betting hopes, now Cally is on the verge of finding out that she's just done homework for Mauler, thanks to Ziggy.

Close up of this area shows Ladbrokes still intact, and the chemist has become "Crown Pharmacy".

Clark discusses tactics on the dog-avoidance problem on the paper round.

Hmm not a very attractive photo... Note the low wall that can be seen in series 12, and the now defunct post box on the wall.  The phone boxes are no longer present.  The mini roundabout has appeared since the 1980's too. The red awning you can see on the left can be spotted in the modern photo above.

Below: a wide view of Manor Way.



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