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We are still in Willesden for series four.  Series Four lacks a good deal of locations that can be explored.  We seem to be all over the place, judging by the places I've found.  There's an abortive school trip to France, with an unknown school that we start from, and there's a few scenes at the back of the demolished school.  There's a few incidents on a bus which haven't been located.  It looks to me like the bus stop we see is faked - it seems to rest on a plinth. Is that a 55 labelled on the bus stop, next to 52?  The 55 went out of commission in 1968, and didn't cover the same area as a 52.  On the other hand, the bus itself, a 52 did used to run to Willesden, the apparent location of the school by series 3 and 4 - moreover, in 1981-2, the bus still went as far as Mill Hill.  Once it went as far as Borehamwood, the long-term home for the series after series 8, but was replaced by the 292 in 1969.  Anyway, considering the route of the 52, along predominantly busy roads, the location of the bus stop - in a seemingly suburban street, doesn't quite fit.  Perhaps the faked location can still be found - it seems to be on raised ground, perhaps near a railway underpass.


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The Sweet Shop

An early sighting of the infamous Gripper is coming... This is the sweet shop, whose owner is Grange Hill intolerant. This place, according to Mrs. Mcclusky, is "Hayes Green".  It seems quite green, when we see out from inside the sweet shop...

Hmm, looks familiar.  Do I hear the words "Judy Preston"?    You wouldn't really recognise this location from the poor comparison - I need to revisit the site to take new photos with this episode in mind, but yes, this is the same sweet shop they used in series one.  Once again the crew has returned to Ealing Common.  The flats on the left, painted white, have been expanded to the right, and the white shop to the left has been demolished.  What was the sweet shop, and its neighbour "Grange Stores", have become part of the flats too. 

A very young Stewpot, Duane and Pogo discuss seeing Gripper shoplift in the sweet shop...

Again, I need a better matching shot - this came from my excursion to match Series One's incidents with Judy, Trisha, and bully Jackie Heron.   You can match up the give way sign, and the white building.  Following this scene, the trio appear in a completely different area, probably in the Willesden area.  They can't be on the Common any longer, since opposite the shops is the huge Common itself, and the following scene shows a strip of houses.

The Cafe

Tucker watches Alan's rendezvous with Susi....

In 1980 that was the Timothy Forde Cafe, with Fahey off-license to its left, and Sayers Motor Factors to its right. Further right, is the Christadelphian Ecclesia (some kind of church!) which is still around today.


Sorry not an exact match here, the other pic came out wobbly.  This is Ranelegh Road, Ealing, not far from the common. The surrounding shops have been converted into housing. The cafe is a Tandori Villa.

This page is a little short on material, so here's a  tree  on Ealing Common.

Another view of Tandori Villa.


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