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Series Five



After two series at Kingsbury, and then two series at Willesden, the team moved further into the centre of London, to Hammersmith.  Here, we are in the vicinity of Earls Court, and near to Fulham, and also Kensington.  It's quite a posh part of London for the most part, and this is noticeable sometimes in the street scenes, where you see impressively-fronted mansions, four stories often with basements.  The area is much more claustrophobic for the most parts - front gardens are small, and everywhere is concrete rather than grass, with the odd park thrown in for comfort.  One difficulty for the location researcher is that there are clumps of shops everywhere, so finding any one in particular is difficult.

The school in series five (also six and seven) was South Thames College, which became Holborn College around 1983.  In 2002 Holborn College was relocated to Charlton, and in the following year, after a failed bid to turn the site into housing, it became Fulham Prep.  They have a web page,

 It can be found along Greyhound Road, near the Queens Tennis club.  Go south from Hammersmith tube, along Fulham Palace Road, and turn second left after Charing Cross Hospital.  The distinctive white buildings can soon be seen at the back of the school.  The locations outside, and nearby were often used, including around Field Road just before the cemetery.  It's changed enormously around here.  Two buildings help work out locations - the Empress State Building, and Muscal House, a tower block halfway up Greyhound Road.

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Roly's Troubles

"Give yourself a couple of weeks and you'll be friends with all the class..."

Greyhound Road looking North East.

Roland catches a number 11 bus... He'd have a long wait today since the service doesn't go to Hammersmith now. This is Lillie Road, near Purcell Crescent.  The bus would have taken Roland to Hammersmith, but doesn't go any closer to the school at Greyhound Road than Roly already is.  The tower block helps line us up here, as it appears and disappears according to your position along the road.  Also, the wall on the left side, with tree.

Roland, oblivious to almost copping it as he crosses the road, walks dejectedly to school.

The west end of Greyhound Road with Fulham Palace Road now visible.  The school is the other way Roland, come back!  Some shops have become houses. Note upward-rising window over left-hand shop - is that the same window as is opened like that on the 1981 pic?

Roland glances back to his mum's shop.

In 2005, "Orange Fruit" has become Sahara House, a trade journal publishing company.

Roland shows off his skills as human car jack.

Hedges is still here, in name at least.  In left to right order there used to be: Miss Grace Pinks draper; Hedges the butcher, Greyhound Road Self Service; Orange Fruit Fruiters (the fruit & veg shop); Patel the grocer; John Foster bookies, Bits & Pieces Second hand, and Paulo's Cafe.  Some of these can be glimpsed as the camera pans around the road on the left side.

Suzanne and Clare leave school.. Clare is keen to get home to write her fantasy diary.

In 2005, a few alterations here and there. The house within school grounds looks enormously renovated, and the main white porch is quite fresh looking these days, with solid impenetrable gates blocking would-be photographers.

Gripper stands outside the school gates discussing GCE (Gripper's Cash Enterprise)

Same house on the left (repainted but note door shape) With new house and other new buildings in vicinity. Saint Andrew's Road snakes off at a slight angle to Greyhound Road.

Roland is about to be a victim of GCE...

That's the Empress State Building in the distance. It's all much the same 23 years later, but more cars, and rather more pristine-looking bricks on the school building.

Facing left outside the school. Gripper approaches Roland. Muscal House, a block of flats can be seen behind.

Very similar in 2005. The Colton Arms, run byNorman and John Nunn family.


"But you can't just go and see your mum during school!"

Comparative picture in 2005, but further back. The huts have been replaced with nicer looking outbuildings. The blue sign tells visitors they must report to reception.

Gripper inflicts pain remotely, by way of a straw...

Similiar view of steps on the left side of the school.  Fake turf up the back, with  a pitch marked out.  At one stage floodlights illuminated the pitch (after the Grange Hill years) until complaints by neighbours forced their removal.


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