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In series six we get a school trip out for Zammo, Roland, etc, in St Albans.  We later go back here in series 11, although just as it were any old shopping precinct, when Ronnie Bertles gets into trouble.

At the end of the series there's a good look around the Hammersmith school location, when the "We Want Scruffy" protest takes place.  Earlier, Pogo Patterson is followed, in order to find out his secret girlfriend, with locations around a canal.

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Canal Chase

Pogo is off to meet his girlfriend... if she exists...

Grand Union Canal at Kensal Town. Seems to have lost those weird images.

Pogo gives his followers, Stewpot and Duane, the slip....

Bridge has been replaced since the early 80's, and new ducks installed.

Pogo plays peek-a-boo with his followers, did they really think they hadn't been spotted?

In the early 80's that shop was Stroud (608 Harrow Road), who sold fruit (as does the existing shop). The new footbridge is in a slightly different place, and no longer has dual passages.

Pogo runs back across the bridge...

The different siting of the bridge makes it hard to match that view.  The building on the left seems much the same.

No sign of him!

Harrow Road. Large scale changes, though the flats above the shops on the right have the same window architecture.

The lads give up, defeated by Pogo.

Harrow Road looking alongside the canal (visible to the right), with many features familiar  in shot, although there are new flats all along the canal-side here.


Bring Back McGuffy!

Scruffy McGuffy has been suspended... a protest sit-in is organised, but how will they get past the grip of Bullet Baxter waiting at the gates? (this section is incomplete)

Claire, with her troops approaching, plans a rear-guard action, while the teachers guard the first entrance....

Hammersmith school (see series 5 pictures, and explanations of the building)  as it is today in 2005.  Saint Andrews Road is where Clare's troops were massing, which comes into Greyhound Road.

Claire and Suzanne muster the forces of good....

Saint Andrews Road.

"Oh no the other gate!"

Greyhound Road looking towards Muscal House.


St Albans Trip 

Coach arrives from Grange Hill..

Someone seems to have moved the cathedral round... It could be some weird illusion, because further scenes suggest this to be where the GH walk starts, and it is the only car park I saw marked for coaches.

"Smile everyone"

The Norman cathedral at Verul.. Veral... Verumal... St Albans.

Some crisp stealers almost run Annette over....

Outside the cathedral...  Cars are a big problem in this city, where traffic snarls through at a snails pace. I took the railway - there are two stations here.

Roland, Zammo and Jonah lie in wait, ready to pounce upon members of the public to ask them to reminisce about the old days...

Waxhouse Gate near East side of Cathedral. Arch leads to the main city centre shopping area, with market on Saturday and Wednesday.

The "Brew... " whatever it said building is now obscured by a tree, but is now a Thai Restaurant.

"Go on. Go and ask her.."

View of cathedral from the above vantage point. 

Diane starts to get on Annette's wick with her local knowledge....


Forgetting the order to keep together, Annette and Julie split off from Diane, each heading towards the Roman Theatre via a different route. 

A pub/restaurant called Ziggy? Not quite - "Zizzy".

One-episode-only teacher Mr Butterworth completes his tour around St Albans theatre and goes to see if any Grange Hill students have arrived yet.

Well the people around here aren't terribly good at keeping their buildings intact.  Not only did they let the Roman Theatre go to wrack and ruin, but they've lost the little hut and bench!

Above: "Smile please"

Right: a view of the Roman Theatre.

After being kidnapped, and escaping on foot, Julie worries that they're too late...

Road sign in dire need of a clean. We're quite a long way from the Cathedral, or the car park, heading west towards the Roman Theatre.

Julie's run out of energy...

"Stop moaning can't ya? Come on!"

A leafy lane  - Mount Pleasant, which leads to the Roman Theatre.  From the point where Diane split with the other two, Diane could have taken a route through Fishpool Street, which might have been shorter, but it bends in the middle.



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