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Series Seven 12th June 2005: Major update




Series 7 continues at Hammersmith (see Series 5 for school pictures).  Some locations are near to the school premises in Greyhound Road, and then there are one-offs such as the school walk, and the United Nations event.

At the start of episode 1, we see Zammo's girlfriend Jackie Wright for the first time.  She is a Brookdale girl, and so erupts some new tensions with the old enemy school.

In terms of locations, we see Brookdale - but it's a Mark 2 version (see Series two). This one is near the BBC studios at White City (thanks to Bullet for that info).  In fact, it's directly opposite the Grange Hill building - but the one that will be used in a year or so's time (how confusing) - you can even glimpse it (as we shall see below) in the first episode.

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Jackie's Flat (revised)

I thought I had located these to being an estate called Cheeseman's, which is very near the Greyhound Road school. However, the details are all wrong when you look at the scene at the very beginning of series seven.  In fact, the place was a little further along Star Road, and quite well hidden.  The balconies are facing to the side, not out to the main road like the first match-up, and other details are found that previously were absent. The place is much smaller than it appears to be on the show.  There's a further estate with similar features nearby too, so I imagine the same architect was employed for a whole set of similar properties.

Zammo zips around to call to the mysterious Jackie....

Alice Gilliat flats, along Star Road. These must have been designed by the same architect as other flats in this area, which have a similar look (and led me astray on my last visit). They've been renovated since the programme, but a new jutting out bit in the middle prevents me matching the view above left. There can be no doubt this is the place: look for the little white marks on the wall below.

Zammo runs down the stairs, and round the front... 

There's a new door here (locked). You can see the stairs that we see in the show, but the photo only shows them faintly.  The cracks you can see in the brickwork must have led to the brick wall's eventual removal.

Zammo pretends to have just got there, while really he has been waiting out the back.... Jackie calls down from the balcony.

Much the same, but with new windows.

Zammo grabs her satchel and teases her... "What's all this?  'Jackie for Zammo!'  "

Tiny play area is now fenced in, but open.  The little painted wicket has had a goal painted round it. 

Jackie chases after playful Zammo.. 

Rear of flats that leads from Star Road to the little play area (and stairway to the flats themselves)

Jackie is about to be surprised by the appearance of fellow Brookdale girls who appear from the right.

View of the end of this little passageway. The barrier has gone, and the wall has shrunk.


Brookdale School

"This is like holding hands with a plank!"

Our first look at Brookdale Mark 2 and the little alcove used for imprisoning naughty pupils (joke).  We are at Erica Street, and this is Pheonix High School, White City, about two miles from where Jackie lived.  Conveniently for the BBC, we are only a short distance from the BBC studios.

Zammo seems nervous, in hostile territory.

 "You ashamed of me or something?"

At the time of the programme, I believe this was called Hammersmith County School.  In 2005 this is now Pheonix High School, a mixed comprehensive with about 750 pupils.

Two jealous Brookdale thugs sit on the wall.

"I wish I was in love, don't you?"


Rather garishly painted wall, but the school generally looks much the same as it did in the early 80's.

Zammo runs away...

Erica Street looking towards Phonix School.

Pursuit through a park, then safely onto a bus... but what's that school to the right?

This school, which is incidental to the original scene, was used as Grange Hill when the team moved to Borehamwood.  I was looking for this place around Elstree, and here it was next to "Brookdale" in White City...a happy accident.  This is Wormhort Park Primary School along Bryony Road, a charming modern building. The park is Wormholt Park.  You can just about glimpse it from the side when Zammo is being taunted. We will see this place again on these pages!




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