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The School Walk 12th June 2005: Major update




The school walk was an interesting event, as the locations are real, and are good places for a walk if you are in North London. The walk starts in Hammersmith, then jumps across to Alexandra Park, then moves to Hampstead Heath, to Crouch End, back to Alexandra Park, and down to Highgate cemetery before finally arriving back at Hammersmith.  This must have been days of work!  Even in Hampstead the crew are using different locations - several entrances, a pond, a bridge...   Some of the precise locations have not yet been determined - it's a fiercesome task because of the huge area of Hampstead Heath which has a myriad of little entrances, paths and bridges.

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School Walk 

"Well girls, feeling fit?"

We are starting the walk, not unreasonably, close to the Hammersmith school location.  The pupils have evidently crossed over into Saint Andrews Road, and are heading towards Perham Road.

Jackie & Zammo brave the catcalls ...

Saint Andrews Church, along Saint Andrews Road, heading towards Perham Road. Some of the houses have been prettied up.  After this, the walkers aren't seen until they've gone several miles North and East... 

Near to the start of the school walk... In the background, Stewpot tries to persuade Pogo to speak to Claire on his behalf....

This is North View Road: South View Road is behind us, and the path from which students emerge up comes from Park Avenue North.  The shop is listed as Patel C, grocer, evidently now converted into a normal house.

"Look, I only want to know where I stand.."

"Nowhere, as far as I can see.."

Alleyway to Park Avenue North, near Alexandra Park, not far from Wood Green.

There may be trouble ahead.....

Boarded-up corner shop. Originally there was a hardware store and another corner shop (to match the one on the other corner!). This is North View Road from the other direction, with South View Road clearly visible in the original picture.

Trouble looms for Zammo, but Mr Baxter cycles in....

Approximate matching view up North View Road. Around the corner from here is a path into Alexandra Park. Imbecilic graffiti despoiling a pillar box.

Roland ambles along, but is about to be ambushed...

A jump of location.. not quite the right angle - Millfield Road, which runs through the Heath, towards its Eastern end. 

"Roland... Look you've got to go a lot faster..."

One of many entrances to Kenwood & Hampstead Heath, from Millfield Road (Thanks Bullet for information!) Match up the house in the background - with the balcony of the house visible, and the prominent chimney.  

The Kenwood grounds are a gorgeous area of ancient trees and lovely views, free to the public, and you could easily spend a day here exploring.

"Have we got to walk across that? It's gonna absolutely ruin my shoes, Mandy!"

Not the right pond.. Below, picturesque view from a bridge, yes, also the wrong bridge.... (more work needed!)

Despite a return trip to Kenwood (above), I still can't find many of the places! Despite two trips, the bridge, and the pond elude me - the layout is wrong for any of the areas I've seen around Kenwood or Alexandra Palace.


"This bit that we're coming to now"

Crouch End Hill, close to Hornsey Lane, and near the defunct underground line. There's quite a few web pages about this lost section of the London Underground that used to link Alexandra Palace, and Finsbury Park with Edgware, via Mill Hill East.

"Pogo, Stewpot needs cheering up..."

Defunct platform at Crouch End.  There's a fairly pleasant walk possible along the deserted line.  Extensive graffiti spoils the effect, and nature seems intent on swallowing up what remains. That structure behind Stewpot seems to have gone.  The path was fairly muddy, even after some fine weather, so be warned!

No-one's listening to Mr Knowles' speech

Entrance to a popular walk along the abandoned railway at what was Crouch End  station, built in 1867.

Janet nags Roland about his apparent need to finish his walk...

Abandoned Crouch End station platform. 

Boating at Alexandra Park.

The entrance to the station at Crounch End is a rickety set of stairs now.

Views of Alexandra Palace, the historic location of the first live television broadcast in 1936.

We see some other shots of the Aly Paly site towards the end of the walk, not photographed here yet.

Pogo gives up his walk to go and speak to a Sharon Watts look-alike, before going off to cram her face full of cream cakes.

Alexandra Palace Way, W3 bus stop, for a bus to Wood Green. We're directly outside Alexandra Palace here.

"It's a St Mary's Girl!"

"Hello Lucinda"... 

The bus stop has acquired a luxurious wobbly plastic bench to sit on. Tree still stands behind the bus stop, but not in leaf in April 2005.

The school walk comes to an end....

No prizes for working out this location, given how blatant the street name is. But there is a mystery...

Note the flats on the left.  Now if you go to this location, Turneville Road, an L shaped road, you will come to the view above. Where are the flats? They are out of sight behind the buildings above.  Walking along Normand road skipping to the 2nd road, you find the view below... If you can figure it out, please let me know!

Right: The flats seen above (heavily zoomed) in the show as behind the walkers are only visible if you pass along Normand Road, until you get to Chesson Road, 2 whole roads down! At no position in the street can you view both the flats and Turneville Road, not even close!


Zammo, Jackie and Jeremy

Zammo gets told off for making improper use of a wing mirror...

View of Claxton Grove, facing away from the cemetery.  All the fancy green railings have gone. Charing Cross Hospital stands in the distance. The school is a few minutes walk away from here. 

Jackie runs towards their agreed meet-up point.

All looks much the same in 2005 (the back end of Claxton Grove)

... then round the bend, but too late!

Rear of Horton House at the top of Claxton Grove.

School walkers without money encounter a sweet shop. Comeragh Stores in Comeragh Road (number 45)

47 Comeragh  Road.. next to where the shop used to be...

Flynny needs some crisps... 

...but the sweet shop has become Playdays Nursery.  They've even put railings that match the rest of the street. The area above the door looks the same, and there was a laundry here at the time of Grange Hill's filming.



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