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During series 8, we start to see Borehamwood's BBC Elstree studios used for the lower school and also places around Borehamwood and Elstree.  This is our last visit to Hammersmith.

In addition to the Greyhound Road school, and the Borehamwood faked school at the studios, the team made use of a primary school in White City, down the road from the BBC studios.  They may have done this so that they could show a more natural crossing than would be available from the Hammersmith site.  Here, at Bryony Road, there's a small park opposite (after which the school is named), so pupils could be shown crossing from the park to the school entrance.

You might recognise the school: we see it from the side in series 7 because it is right next door to Pheonix High School, used as Brookdales.  When Zammo is chased by Brookdale thugs through a park, the front of Wormholt School is visible briefly.

Although we mostly see the Hammersmith school during this series, and Borehamwood locations, it's likely they filmed all the scenes of protest about traffic at once. It's possible the beeb didn't have permission for anything other than exterior scenes - we see only briefly a few teachers inside the yard.




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Eric's Accident

Roland is nagged by Janet, who seems worried that he's forgotten how to speak English...

Wormholt park, a small recreational area in White City, along Bryony Road, and a short hop away from the BBC studios.

Screech!... Miss Booth runs to the rescue...

Reverse view of Wormholt park, showing new railings. Perhaps the Grange Hill protest led to these crash barriers being put up.....  

Fay and Annette are told to run and get help... Poor Eric has been run over.

A similar view of Wormholt Park Primary School. To the right is Erica Street, which leads to the series 7 Brookdale site, and you can spot that fencing in series 7, and even glimpse this school.  The series 8 Brookdale site is in Borehamwood: see below.

A while later, Mrs McClusky has a protest on her hands about the dangerous road outside school. 

It's really a fairly quiet road here.  It all looks much the same in 2005.  There's now traffic calming along the road.


Annette's secret

Who is Annette meeting secretly? Fay is determined to find out...

Annette runs off, but is being tailed..

View of Horton House from Caxton Grove side.

The girls have run quite a distance to get here from the Hammersmith school location in Greyhound Road.

Where is she? Diane seems about to give up...

Claxton Grove facing NW

... through the flats... but still no sign..

Rear of Horton House at the top of Field Road.. we then turn round to see....

"What about the churchyard?"...

Top of Field road (reached by running through the flats, or taking the more orthodox pavement) No weird graffitti.

"We'll just have to look another time..."

Inside Hammersmith Cemetery. Quite a few cosmetic changes.

No sign of Annette... but...

The cemetery is a tranquil, but popular, spot.  it's quite large extending from Charing Cross Hospital to the west, to Barons Court Station in the North, and it's the Southern exit we're viewing from here.  There are many posh headstones and memorials. Most of the graves seem to be early 20th century and Victorian.

"Curiosity satisfied?"

I thought this tree in the cemetery looked nicer than just a blank bit of wall!



Left: Closed-down Brookdale School is revisited by Banksie, Fay, Jackie, Jean-Paul.  We've seen about as many variations of Brookdale schools as we have Grange Hill.  This is the third variety.

Below: This is, or rather was, Hillside School, Hillside Avenue, Borehamwood.  I believe this is in the process of being renovated to become a new Jewish school.  The grass has been dug up, either for redevelopment, or for new building work to commence.  The entry point is now heavily gated and protected on all sides and a burly security guard told me to vamoose in no uncertain terms around the front side.

A motley collection of Grange-Hillers, Ex Brookdales and French exchange students contemplate the old Brookdale School buildings intent on a bit of trespass.

Can't quite get to that view, as there is a large fence in the way. Painting the garage wall has made it a target for graffiti.  This is Monks Mead, Borehamwood.  The sequence that follows doesn't seem to be 100% in this area - when Fay does her Cinderella trick with her shoe, we switch locations to a place so-far undiscovered, but looking like Borehamwood still.

I can't get any close views of the places we see in the next scene - there are other buildings in the way.

Run Away!!  One-shoe Fay, and the others make a getaway after the caretaker catches them in the kitchen.

We're back where we started.  Can't exactly make this shot on the left - there's too much foliage on the left, plus the metal fence.  This is a footpath leading to Bullhead Road. I couldn't find the rest of this scene's locations, so a revisit is necessary.

Below: another view of "Brookdale" school, from a closer vantage point.



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