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Series Nine revised 17 April 2005, London Trip




In series 9, the location crew moved lock stock and barrel to Borehamwood.   However, they still needed something that resembled the previous Upper School, as it was when the crew filmed in Hammersmith, in order to then set fire to it. Then the school could be declared unfit and they could all settle in Borehamwood forever - well at least until Merseyside beckoned.  For this, the crew went to the Seven Sisters School, which has since been demolished. I am grateful for Jeff (aka Bullet) for his observation about Rosyln Road, spotted during the programme.

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The Fire

Oh no, the upper school is on fire...

On the face of it... this looks quite similar doesn't it? The tree's a bit bigger, but there's railings... and opposite house....

Unfortunately though, the tree is the sole survivor..  As the pictures below show, a new housing estate has been plonked down where the Seven Sisters school once stood.  When I was here the first time, a talkative resident told me she remembered it being pulled down - she recalled the bell tower being destroyed.

Grange Hill's burning, Grange Hill's burning,

Fetch the Engines, Fetch the Engines,

Fire Fire!... etc. etc.

Nice match up of that distant white house.  School was on that block ahead on the right.

The fire engine turns into the road outside Grange Hill...

Braemar Road on the right, on the corner of the new housing estate that replaced the school.

Mr McKenzie herds the kids away from the fire engines, which are driving through the gates....

Just to confuse me, the furthest house has had its pointy roof changed to a normal one. The original shot cannot be matched because the houses are in the way now. Large flats loom in the background (present in the Grange Hill shots). A school wall covered the lower half of the rightmost house.

(left) This was Seven Sisters school in South Tottenham, listed as a council school in 1978... It must have been absolutely enormous, as the replacement estate  occupies a huge block.  Just look how many stories there are in the original building.



On the right: another school nearby.  When you look at a modern map, this is the school that shows up near Roslyn Road (It's a road or two away)

Who would like to be in a school like this? It's more like a prison with dense wire fencing all around, topped with barbed wire, and there seems to be a fence inside the fence.

Ziggy & Robbie's London Trip

Ziggy Greaves & Robbie Wright sneak out of the tube station while Boadicea is looking the other way...

Westminster tube station with throngs of tourists admiring Big Ben.

A blurry view of County Hall as the camera spins round...

The London Eye(sore), new since Ziggy's visit.

"Can we go on one of those boats?"

Comparative view of the River Thames looking downstream.

Z & R go hunting for a crypt, but Zig is having troubles with his feet.

Hurst Avenue, Crouch End, probably the scene on the left from a slightly different position.  About 15 minutes walk from the next location (a bus is recommended)

"There it is...."

Highgate Hill where it meets Hornsey Lane. Zebra has been replaced with safer Pelican Crossing.

Ziggy and Robbie race across the road to take a look at the "church".

Cloisters Court in Cromwell Avenue, off Highgate Hill. After this the pair must have headed for Archway tube station.

Robbie searches around for some hidden stairs to lead to the crypt of his childhood memory...

Close up view, with new window.

"Is that the vicar?"

"You got a load of bodies buried underneath you!"

Highgate Presbyterian Church, built in 1887 was converted to flats, some time between 1976 and 1987.

Postscript:  It's quite nostalgic seeing Z&R's tickets being torn in half - that's how ticketing used to work on the London Underground.  A return ticket used to be manually handed in.  These days Z&R would be issued with a one-day travelcard, and then there would be no worries about extra journeys (which would have ruined the ending of course!)



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