Andy Turner

School Days: 2003-2007

Andy has seen Togger evolve into a more responsible young man, but remains his trusty lieutenant. He's more reluctant than Togger and Abel to join in with scams, and needs more convincing to take part. As the most sensitive of the trio, he's also quite squeamish and often the first to wimp out of anything!

He lives at home with his parents and sister Kate, and has a keen interest in computers. Andy's not a spod but gets his work done and keeps his head down - he just wants a quiet life. With GCSEs round the corner, Andy's parents are starting to tire of Togger's influence - and will do whatever is necessary to keep his mind on his schoolwork.

REASON FOR LEAVING: Removed from Grange Hill because his parents believed Togger was holding him back academically.
Year 7 Andy, Togger and Abel are the masterminds behind the "sacred undies" dares. Andy tries talking Togger out of the pool and skeleton dares to no avail. He also sets up the webcam which leads to the discovery of Tranter. As an accessory to Tranter being smuggled aboard the school trip, Andy finds himself barred from Sports day and ends up dishing out snacks on Mrs Knuckle's stand.

Year 8: Andy and Emma start going out; Togger agonises whether to tell him about Miss Dyson's presents. When the truth comes out Andy is furious that Togger didn't say anything. The lads come unstuck trying to find the Grange Hill time capsule on a cross-country run.

Year 9: Andy acts as mediator between the feuding Togger and Abel. In the aftermath of Alex's suicide bid, he signs up for the mentoring scheme.

Year 10: Andy is trapped with Togger and Abel in a shed full of wild animals. Andy urges Togger to throw in the towel when his toilets crusade is going nowhere, but Togger sticks with it. The lads plan a weekend away with the Marshall twins in Andy's mobile home; but they are relieved when it is called off.

Year 11: Andy is taken out of Grange Hill by his parents who are tiring of Togger's bad influence; they believe Andy is being held back. They part on bad terms as Togger can't deal with how he is thought of.

ASSOCIATES: Togger Johnson, Abel Benson, Mr Malachay, Emma Bolton

CURRENT WHEREABOUTS: Now settled in at his new school.

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