Baz Wainwright

School Days: 2003-2007

Baz appears easy-going but is prone to mood swings and fits of temper. Dad Owen, a taxi driver, has bipolar disorder which makes him violent if it's not controlled. Mum left because of his illness and was greatly resented by her children. Baz is sick of the constant worry his father's condition brings and would give anything for a "normal life". Gossip about Baz has always been rife but he's determined not to let it bother him.

Things seem to be looking up for Baz. Not only is his dad on the mend but Annie has gone to live with mum. Baz's love life is also running smoothly - he's celebrating a year together with Holly, but the cloud of Donnie is always on the horizon...

CAUSE OF DEATH: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, diagnosed posthumously.
Year 9 Baz is determined to keep his dad's mental illness a secret. Because he won't speak up, rumours spread that he's dealing and his relationship with Maddie ends. He believes that if Dad takes his medicine, things will be OK, but Baz endures a savage beating and Maddie suspects Mr Wainwright is responsible. Annie eventually confesses all to Maddie; this results in Dad beating Baz senseless. While Baz fights for life in hospital, Annie blames Maddie for his predicament.

Year 10: Mr Wainwright locks himself in the toilet; Baz calls the social worker who gets Dad sectioned. Annie is furious with him. Baz is furious when Mum turns up out of the blue to look after them but rather than live with her new family, Baz and Annie put themselves in foster care. Home pressures interfere with Baz and Maddie's relationship and Baz is devastated when she finishes with him.

Year 11: Baz can't live without Maddie but she rejects his plea for another go. A series of rows erupt between the pair and Maddie plays Taylor off against Baz. Spencer and Baz rescue Alex from his suicide attempt. Baz finds out about Annie's credit card and tries to help her return the stolen laptop - only to be caught by Mrs Bassinger.

Year 12: Holly dumps Baz when she learns about his personal life. He turns his attentions to Tanya; Donnie goads him into going as far as he can but Tanya doesn't feel ready. Martin tells Baz he's changed for the worse under Donnie's influence; the year ends with signs of a possible reconciliation with Holly.

Year 13: The year starts on a high with Baz and Holly approaching their first anniversary together. But Holly becomes jealous when he becomes friendly with Anna, who Togger has also asked out. On the football pitch, an enraged Togger fells Baz with a tackle but he fails to get up. Mr McDonnell performs CPR but is unable to revive him. Baz is found to have died from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the school goes into mourning and best mate Donnie vows revenge.

ASSOCIATES: Maddie Gilks, Karen Young, Annie Wainwright, Mrs Bassinger, Holly Parsons, Donnie Briscoe

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