School Days: 1994-2001

Colin was shy and retiring, a follower rather than a leader. He was one of the boys but sometimes was a little too self-conscious. Yet he was popular, sensitive and a trusted friend. The youngest of several children, he lived with his retirement-age parents; his brothers and sisters were all married. Colin enjoyed home life and was fond of his parents.
Colin Brown
Year 7: Colin joins Martha Jordan's drama club. He amuses the others with unintentional comic sayings.

Year 8: Colin, Arnie and Dill keep watch to find out if Anna is sleeping in the school. They discover Julie camped out on the sports field. Colin brings Monster to school and Julie looks after him.

Year 9: Colin is involved with the Moonfleet talking book scam, designed to help the class pass a test without reading it! The tape is badly edited and the class gets detention.

Year 10: Dill and Colin are paired up for a homework assignment. They meet at Mrs Maguire's - where Dill is babysitting. Colin worries that Arnie (Dill's boyfriend) will find out; he knocks the bathroom cabinet off the wall!

Year 11: When Chris cheats on Laurie with Dill, Colin finds himself caught in the middle. The saga makes him become more cynical. Alec fancies Judi but she's getting friendly with Colin. Sean's cronies beat Colin up.

Year 12: Romance beckons for Colin with new girl Becky. He reluctantly joins Kamal on a trip to Brighton; Kamal knocks down a cyclist. Colin is wracked with guilt but Kamal blanks him. Becky persuades Colin to tell the police; Colin is shocked to discover Kamal will carry the can.

Year 13: Colin gets a job presenting a film review show on local TV. He becomes a celebrity and finds the attention difficult to cope with. Before long he's offered a job presenting a major national children's show; after much deliberation he accepts.

Year 14: Arnie attends a showbiz party and is upset when Colin blanks him in favour of showbiz pals. Colin returns to school and tries unsuccessfully to avoid Tarquin, who's sponsoring the talent show.

ASSOCIATES: Sam Spalding, Arnie Arnold, Dill Lodge, Chris Longworth, Laurie Watson, Becky Radcliffe, Kamal Hussain, Kelly Bradshaw, Briony Jones.

CURRENT WHEREABOUTS: At university; still doing the odd bit of presenting work.

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