Darren Clarke

School Days: 1999-2002

Darren was a quiet boy who loved animals, and was genuinely kind and considerate despite the facade he puts on to fit in with his peers. He lived with dad Alan and his partner Ros. Mum ran off with Darren's uncle (Alan's brother); Darren missed her terribly and secretly blames Alan for allowing her to run off. In spite of this, there was a great father/son relationship and Alan would do anything for him. Life was not easy for the Clarkes; there were few luxuries since Alan, an ex-machine plant worker, was made redundant. But Darren was well-grounded and knows the difference between right and wrong. When situations require he could stand up for himself.
Year 7: Darren is best friends with Spencer, but abandons him when he refuses to back off Amy. Darren finds a stray rabbit and brings it to chool where he and Mr Hankin look after it. Darren hopes Refugee will become his own, but he was heartbroken when the owner came forward at the last minute. The owner is so grateful he gives Darren his own rabbit - Baby Refugee.

Year 8: Darren and Calvin help Spencer when his parents desert him. They are shocked to find Mrs Hargreaves in the bath!

Year 9: Darren supports Spencer when it's revealed his dad attacked Mr Daniels. Darren worries when his dad ships him off to Spencer's for the night - he discovers they're hiding Amelia, a young refugee facing deportation. Amelia's dad thanks the Clarkes for offering shelter.

Year 10: Darren and Calvin set up a Desteeni card business to meet girls. Deverill thinks they're drug-dealing and excludes them. Darren attends the farewell gathering for Harriet.

ASSOCIATES: Spencer Hargreaves, Calvin Braithwaite, Amy Davenport, Anika Modi, Amelia Nkebe

CURRENT WHEREABOUTS: Believed dead after the school fire. See ya Darren.

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