School Days: 1981-1985

Rotten to the core and with the maggots to prove it. From the moment Gripper arrived in H1 he was trouble - bullying and blackmail were a speciality, and if that didn't work there was always violence to ensure the compliance of victims. By the third year Gripper was feared by everyone in the school, and now had an accomplice in Denny Rees. And if stealing dinner money wasn't enough there was always the sports trophies.
Gripper Stebson

Little was known about Gripper's home life, but he was not very intelligent and in special needs classes for some subjects. Ironically he was a computer games whizz, Space Invaders in particular. When cornered en masse Gripper was amazingly submissive. As time went on Gripper just got worse; but his move into hardcore racism would be his downfall. Yet Gripper survived expulsion and would soon exact revenge on the school.

Series 4: Gripper is first seen lifting a book from the local newsagent's. Pogo runs a homework enterprise but refuses to do Gripper's, resulting in a fight which trashes the common room. Stebson is suspended.

Series 5: Gripper and Denny find a perfect victim in Roland. In a desperate bid to escape his torment Roland has a road accident. Gripper steals maths books from the nearby girls' school and sends henchmen in to lift the sports trophies. Annette and Belinda disturb them.

Series 6: Gripper moves into hardcore racism; forcing whites to "swear allegiance to the British people" and he incites a race riot. When Claire speaks out Stebson attacks her with a dirty mop. Black and Asian pupils gang up to meat out their revenge, but Baxter steps in and Stebson is expelled.

Series 7: Gripper is now working as a butcher's boy and Jimmy steals his bike during the sponsored walk.

Series 8: Although not seen in this series; Gripper and Denny are exposed as the school thieves.

HOBBIES: Legitimate ones includes Space Invaders and supporting Chelsea. But most of his time was spent raking in the cash.

ASSOCIATES: Denny Rees, Stewpot Stewart, Duane Orpington; Pogo Patterson, Claire Scott, Georgie Smith.

CURRENT WHEREABOUTS: Probably doing time or if he's not, working as a BNP activist.

Laxo Archer
Abel Benson
Theo Benson
Miss Bettany
Ed Booth
Jake Briggs
Miss Greene
Lucy Johnson
Tigger Johnson
Togger Johnson
Sammy Lee
Mr McDonnell
Kathy McIlroy
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Andrea O'Malley
Mrs Rawlinson
Serena Sulli
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Jenny Young
Tanya Young

Ali Duncan
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Anna Duncan
Annette Firman
Annie Wainwright
Baz Wainwright
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Claire Scott
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Darren Clarke
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Delia Lodge
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Duane Orpington
Eleanor Smith
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Gripper Stebson
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