School Days: 1994-2001

Arnie took to life well at Grange Hill, though he may never have been there at all. He entered Year 7 from prep school after his father's business was having financial difficulties. But from the start he enjoyed his new school and made lasting friendships. Arnie was a natural leader (he captained the school roller hockey team), confident, sociable with a great sense of fun. Academically he was top of the class but he loved to play hard too, bringing him into conflict with his dad. But Arnie could find it difficult to express himself and was prone to fits of jealousy. A diagnosis of epilepsy caused him to go off the rails slightly but he soon came to terms with his illness and repeated his A-level year. Arnie left Grange Hill with classmates and staff looking up to him.
  Year 7: Arnie and Sam follow "Animal Man" to his lockup; they knock over a chemical tank, gassing the puppies left inside. The lads and Anna track Animal Man to Hertford; they discover his puppy farm and call the police. Arnie invites half of Grange Hill to his place for the video tennis tournament.

Year 8: Mr Arnold arranges to have Mr Parrott "kidnapped" at the school fayre. Arnie helps Rick "product place" his bike in the school video; Mr Arnold thinks Rick stole the bike.

Year 9: Arnie thinks Jessica's mystery illness is faked, but she's found to be suffering from ME. Arnie is smitten with one of the French exchange girls and helps with the botched "Moonfleet" talking book scam.

Year 10: Arnie captains the roller hockey team. He starts dating Dill but has to take Kelly out when she threatens to quit the team. Arnie tries to help Chris, numb after his rejection by Joanna.

Year 11: Chris cheats on Laurie with Dill; who's also cheating with Arnie. Colin is caught in the middle; Chris and Arnie come to blows in class. At the end of the series, there are signs that Arnie is ready to forgive Dill.

Year 12: Arnie wants to be part of Kamal's car, but his dad insists he study. Arnie is forced to steal from his savings when Mr Arnold doesn't back down.

Year 13: Arnie is devastated when Dill leaves for New York; he passes out at the airport. He begins to behave oddly and suffers seizures. Arnie is diagnosed with epilepsy; when he's about to tell Colin he has a fit in the playground. Arnie's confidence is restored when he helps Calvin during an asthma attack.

Year 14: Arnie is repeating his A-level year. He's in the sixth form band and feels alienated by how showbiz has changed Colin. Colin returns to school, and it's like old times.

FAMILY: Arnie lived with his parents and sister Jessica; home was a picturesque cottage with a large back garden. Dad Jim was a local businessman; mum Caroline stayed at home. Arnie and Jess had an aunt in America.

ROMANCE: Arnie was popular with the ladies! He dated Dill in Year 10 but split a year later when she cheated on him with Chris. Two years later Dill and Arnie were almost reconciled, then she left for New York.

HOBBIES: Fishing, rollerblading and going out with the lads.

ASSOCIATES: Sam Spalding, Colin Brown, Rick Underwood, Laurie Watson, Kamal Hussain, Becky Radcliffe, Dill Lodge.

CURRENT WHEREABOUTS: Unknown, but he and Dill are back on - reconciled by September 11.

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