Josh Irvine

School Days: 2001-2004

Josh came from a Jewish family. He's bright, sparky and enthusiastic, and got on well with his classmates. His parents, Jonathan and Ruth, upheld Jewish traditions which don't intrude upon their modern lifestyle, and were both New Labour supporters. Josh was a big comedy fan who can recite routines verbatim! Josh's biggest preoccupation was girls - he was always a ladies' man and preferred the more mature woman. That's probably why he never pulled - however, winning a place on the French exchange with Anika might have just changed all that!

REASON FOR LEAVING: "Won" an exchange place to Grange Hill's twin school in France with Anika Modi (Martin entered the winning essay in Josh's name).

ROMANCE: From Year 7 it was clear Josh had eyes for older women; he joined Vikki's althletics club not so much for the exercise but the personal trainer! In Year 8 Josh was bowled over by Briony but predictably that led nowhere; the following year he lowered his sights (slightly) with Anika Modi in his sights. At one stage it looked as though she was falling for him; then she caught Josh and Martin with that bra and any respect she had for him disappeared.

Year 7 Josh joined Vikki's athletics club, not to get fit but because he fancied Vikki! He overheard Kelly talking to Vikki about lesbians, sparking rumours of a liaison between them.

Year 8 Josh prepared for his Bar Mitzvah; a swastika e-mail spooked him but Kathy persuaded him not to let it bug him. Josh joined the step aerobics club and turned his attentions to Briony.

Year 9 Josh was determined to win over Anika and even practised taking a bra off with Martin! His persistence almost paid off but Anika turned him down, unimpressed by the incident.

Year 10 Josh tires of Martin always leaning on him for support but later realises how badly he's treated Martin. Josh is desperate to win the place on the French exchange when he hears Anika is going and Martin submits his own essay in Josh's name. Josh is horrified when he is chosen but when Martin explains why he did it, he accepts the place and leaves Grange Hill.

ASSOCIATES Martin Miller, Kathy McIlroy, Maddie Gilks, Anika Modi, Vikki Meedes, Clare Chaplin, Briony Jones.

CURRENT WHEREABOUTS: Enjoying some French "amour" with Anika?

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