Justine Dean

School Days: 1988-1994

A different kind of rebel - at least that's how Mrs McClusky saw her. Justine was determined to get noticed the moment she walked throught he gates of Grange Hill; from day one her customisations to school uniform made her a thorn in the side of her headmistress. But that was the full extent of her crimes - Justine was in fact a very ballsy girl, academically very able, not one to follow the crowd and with a very caring side to her.

She fiercely defended her friends but it was her unlikely friendship with Tegs Ratcliffe which characterised her early years at school. Justine took Tegs under her wing, helping him to overcome his literacy problems and search for his missing mum. She was devastated when Tegs left Grange Hill for Germany; he'd always hoped their friendship would become something more.

As the years progressed Justine became highly thought of her teachers and soon found herself editor of the school newspaper. From here on Justine knew she wanted to become a journalist and Mr Robson even turned to her when he needed help writing the school prospectus! The sixth-form Justine was an ambassador for Grange Hill focused on making good her ambitions - all a far cry from that little girl seeing how far she could push things in Year 7.

Series 11
Justine arrives for her first day at Grange Hill wearing a purple blouse. She becomes a regular visitor to Mrs McClusky for flouting dress codes. Justine strikes up a friendship with Tegs Ratcliffe and tries to help him overcome his reading problems.

Series 12 Justine helps Tegs hide his brother, Mark, who has escaped from prison. She becomes increasingly uncomfortable and urges Tegs to hand Mark over. Justine helps Tegs find his absent mother, and he breaks down in her arms when the search proves fruitless.

Series 13 Tegs is jealous of Justine's boyfriend, Andy, but she dumps him when he brags to his mates. Justine, Chrissy and Natalie start a T-shirt printing enterprise and blackmails Rod the caretaker into finding them a room; Neil Timpson locks them in and the girls are found unconscious.

Series 14 Tegs leaves for Germany, leaving Justine devastated. On the Dartmoor trip, Chrissy confides in Justine about her pregnancy and Justine takes the baby's father, Ted Fisk, to task. Justine is offered an exchange holiday in Sweden.

Year 11 Justine begins dating Liam Brady from St Joe's. Her classmates aren't pleased as Grange Hill is in the middle of a conflict with the rival school. Liam is killed on his way to a gang fight, leaving Justine devastated. As editor of the school newspaper, Justine is furious when Ms Janowitz "doctors" her interview with Max Hargreaves.

Year 12 Still in mourning for Liam, Justine receives an invitation from Luke Cresswell to spend the weekend with him. Overnight she sees the ghost of Liam, urging her to move on. Justine helps Ray with preparations for Kenny's wedding.

Year 13 Justine collects Martha Jordan from the airport and brings her to Grange Hill. Mr Robson turns to Justine for help writing a school prospectus, and she pulls Maria back from the brink when Maria's dad causes her to go off the rails.

ROMANCE: Justine's first boyfriend, Andy Mitchell, caused tensions between her and Tegs but she chucked him when it became clear he wanted a trophy girlfriend. First serious relationship with Liam, a St Joe's pupil, caused friction with classmates and ended in tragedy when Liam was killed. Justine took a shine to a visiting public school boy, Luke Cresswell, but the memory of Liam prevented anything more developing. Though she'd never admit it, Justine developed a secret fondness for Ray in the sixth form.

FAMILY: Lived near Grange Hill with her parents and older sister Tracey, who was often embarrassed by Justine's disregard for school dress code.

ASSOCIATES: Tegs Ratcliffe, Chrissy Mainwaring, Maria Watts, Fran Williams, Liam Brady, Ray Haynes, Ted Fisk.

CURRENT WHEREABOUTS: Probably enjoying a successful career in journalism.

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