Kathy McIlroy
  Having dumped plans to go to university, Grange HIll's champion of fair-mindedness is now working at the school as deputy manager of the CLC. Bright, intelligent and popular, Kathy prefers to smart her way out of a situation rather than go in all guns blazing. Shy and sensitive, Kathy has a strong will, although she did not enjoy the best of A-level years after various factors caused her to turn to drink for a time.

Kathy's roots are in Ireland - her parents came over from Belfast because of disapproval over their relationship. As a result, Kathy has the values of loyalty, trustworthiness and tolerance instilled. All which make her a great friend. The staff could always rely on Kathy when there was a website to be run or a commemorative DVD to be filmed. But will others take advantage of Kathy's ex-pupil status now she's on "the other side of the fence"?

Year 7 Kathy is sent to Coventry in when she tells her favourite star of boyband, 19 Down, what she really thinks about her classmates. She befriends Martin and realised he is suffering from Asperger's Syndrome, an autistic condition.

Year 8 Kathy is elected year rep and gets promoted to school web site editor after Anika's dismissal. She helps expose Deverill and persuades Josh to go through with his bar mitzvah after racist threats.

Year 9 Kathy develops feelings for Martin but she is crushed to discover he doesn't feel the same way. On Maddie's advice Kathy steals a kiss, but that startles him. Martin eventually realises Kathy is interested him and on sports day surprises her by saying he wants a kiss.

Year 10 Kathy isn't happy with her uneventful relationship with Martin. When he publicly gropes her, she dumps and blanks him. Eventually Kathy resumes her friendship with Martin and teams up with Baz to warn Max against exploiting him.

Year 11 Kathy is disappointed when Martin announces he prefers to stay friends. She then works with Spencer on the DVD and slowly falls for him; he is oblivious to her advances at first but they get together at the end of the school year.

Year 12 Kathy is totally loved up with Spencer. She thinks an after-school cafe would be a great enterprise project but is furious when Maddie hijacks the idea. When the cafe opens, Kathy despairs when partner Dawn struts around insisting everything is done her way. Kathy dumps Spencer after he arrives at the Indonesian reception in a chicken suit and annoys the guests!

Year 13 Kathy is under immense pressure to win a place at Oxbridge and takes driving lessons to aid her application. The death of Baz is the straw that breaks the camel's back and Kathy returns from Baz's funeral drunk and full of comatose confessions. Kathy's 18th birthday party is hijacked by her parents and alarm bells ring when Donnie takes her home. Kathy's new-found fondness for alcohol worries Martin. After going to a party with Donnie, she wakes up in his bed and wonders what could have happened. Eventually, Kathy vows to take control of her own future and surprises Martin by announcing she'll be joining him at Leeds University.

TYPE: Sweetie
MATE RATING: Fights your corner...she really does care
ROMANCE RATING: Joined at the hip with Spencer
REBEL RATING: Wouldn't have dreamt of it - but love does strange things

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