Kelly Bradshaw

School Days: 1995-2001

A real individual, Kelly was a fun-loving member of her year group. An only child, she lived above the shop that was the family business. She was independent, funny and confident; the best way to express herself was by performing so it's no surprise she took part in the school production of Grease. By the sixth form, her wise-cracking caught the attention of classmates and following Mr Hankin's advice she joined classes in stand-up comedy.

Kelly had little expectations from life and took things as they come. At Grange Hill this brought her into a variety of situations, but whatever she faced she made the best of things.

ASSOCIATES: Sarah-Jane Webster, Poppy Silver, Judi Jeffreys, James Arnold, Evelyn Wright, Simon Watson, Colin Brown, Jeff Hankin.

ROMANCE: Originally joined the school hockey team with her sights set on Arnie. But he was already going out with Dill; and Kelly threatened to quit the team. A fling with Colin in the sixth form never came to anything.

CURRENT WHEREABOUTS: Probably dividing her time between the family business and touring the local comedy clubs...

Year 7 Kelly is the butt of Wayne's practical jokes. She joins her classmates on the trip to the Science Museum.

Year 8 Mrs Maguire tells Kelly she's pregnant when she finds her in pain. As a result Kelly is late for English. Miss Carver refuses to believe her excuse and gives her detention. Kelly finds Poppy's poem about being bullied by Wayne - she is worried but Sarah-Jane refuses to act. Kelly plays "Jan" in the school musical Grease.

Year 9 Kelly joins the school roller hockey team. She fancies Arnie and bets Sarah-Jane and Poppy that he'll go out with her - but he refuses (he's already going out with Dill) and she quits the team. Arnie is forced to take Kelly out to ger her to stay.

Year 10 Kelly was involved in the kidnapping of Year 8's flour babies and remained in goal for the hockey team.

Year 11 At Judi's memorial service, Kelly reads a poem. She notices Sarah-Jane deteriorating emotionally; Kelly helps calm her friend down when she suffers a panic attack on the outward bound trip. She doesn't know Sarah-Jane has become addicted to temazepam.

Year 12 Evelyn uses Kelly as cover when she spends torrid nights with her older lover, Simon. Kelly doesn't know how to react when Evie announces she is pregnant. A wedge is driven between the friends, until Colin sneakily gets them together for Alec's homelessness project.

Year 13 Lost without Evelyn and Sarah-Jane, Kelly feels an outcast until Mr Hankin persuades her to join his comedy class. She becomes good friends with a girl, Alex, who she later discovers is gay. Rumours spread through the school about Kelly's sexuality; Kelly is left questioning herself but at the talent show she wows the audience with a stand-up routine about prejudice.

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