Maddie Gilks

School Days: 2001-2006

You just never knew what to expect from Maddie. After gaining a reputation as class bully in her early years at Grange Hill, she overcame several insecurities but still had a short fuse. Maddie wasn't overly academic and would fly off the handle without finding out all the facts. She also used others - noteably Martin - for her own ends. Maddie wanted to think of herself as worldly wise and independent but she had a softer side which emerged every so often. Maddie was a confident and popular girl, who knew exactly how much work was needed to keep teachers happy.

When she left Grange Hill, at 16, Maddie was the same age as her mum when she had her. Dad ran off and left Suzie to bring up Maddie alone. Suzie was more like a sister than a mum; she was hardly there for Maddie but despite having a succession of jobs found it difficult to hold one down. As she craved motherly attention, Maddie turned to the bottle at 13. But Maddie had no intention of landing herself in the same situation.

After her relationship with Baz ended acrimoniously, she planned on as much fun as she could away from her studies. Sixth form gave her a new status to play up to, but she was hardly an ambassador for Grange Hill.

REASON FOR LEAVING EARLY: After one fall-out too many with her peers, and harsh words from Taylor, Maddie realised there was no longer any room for her at Grange Hill.

Year 7 Maddie is best friends with Shona. They spread rumours about Kelly being lesbian and eavesdrop on Miss Carver's meeting with the Millers.

Year 8 Maddie becomes increasingly frustrated that her mum is never home and turns to the bottle for comfort. She is humiliated by Tina but Martin urges her to stand up for herself.

Year 9 Maddie dates Baz, but the relationship is on-off because of Baz's secretive behaviour. Annie eventually reveals the truth about her father's illness and Maddie tries tackling the issue with Mr Wainwright. Dad loses it and knocks Baz to a pulp; as Baz lies fighting for his life, Annie blames Maddie.

Year 10 Maddie starts the year back with Baz, but finds herself playing second fiddle to his home life and dumps him. Baz successfully persuades her to take him back but when he stands her up they're finished for good.

Year 11 Baz pleads with Maddie to take him back but she wants to move on. He is angry when she plays Taylor off against him and she ends up falling out with Karen. Maddie and Martin start to get along and she takes him to the DVD premiere; he thinks she might want more than friendship and is relieved when she sets him straight.

Year 12 Having reverted to her nasty ways, Maddie delights in Baz's romantic troubles with Holly and plays mind games with Martin, who publicly ends their friendship. After Taylor confronts her with some uncomfortable home truths, Maddie walks out on Grange Hill.

ASSOCIATES: Shona West, Kathy McIlroy, Martin Miller, Josh Irvine, Karen Young, Baz Wainwright, Annie Wainwright

CURRENT WHEREABOUTS: Working full-time in a record shop.

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