Martin Miller

School Days: 2001-2007

Martin has Asperger's syndrome - an autistic spectrum disorder - which means he sees the world in a very logical way and finds social situations confusing or difficult. This makes him excel in Maths and ICT and he'll often do more homework than is asked of him, or study a subject under his own steam. His brother Ben, a former Grange Hill pupil, is fiercely protective of him. Martin doesn't have many friends; his right-hand man Josh left Grange Hill a few years ago. A previous relationship with Kathy didn't progress beyond a single kiss, as Martin finds close physical contact disorientating. Martin often says the wrong thing at the wrong time - sometimes his literal (rather than lateral) thinking helps others to weigh up a situation.

As his time at Grange Hill draws to a close, Martin's biggest concern is how he'll cope with university next year. But having had little success with girls, could his fortunes be about to change?

Year 7 Martin's behaviour gives much amusement to Maddie and Shona, but Kathy takes him under her wing. She later deduces he issuffering from Asperger's syndrome.

Year 8 After some persuasion, Martin joins the school web site team. He develops a crush on Leah but doesn't know what's happening to him. Martin feels sorry for Maddie and persuades her to stand up to Tina.

Year 9 Martin and Josh launch their website, "Article 12-24". At first he doesn't realise Kathy wants to be his girlfriend but now feels the same way about her. But his attempts to ask Kathy out prove disastrous; eventually Martin realises he wants her and they get together on Sports Day. Martin and Josh are excluded for rigging up a webcam in the staffroom.

Year 10 Martin doesn't know what do to around Kathy and Josh tells him to put "module 2" into action - and he gropes a shocked Kathy in the playground! Realising how much Josh wants to go on the French exchange, Martin submits his entry in Josh's name. With Josh gone, Martin becomes "friends" with Max but all he wants is someone to do his homework. Martin eventually realises he's been taken for a mug and tries standing up to Max - and gets floored for his trouble.

Year 11 Martin disappoints Kathy by revealing he just wants to be friends. He suggests Grange Hill start up a radio station, but Malachay tries passing the idea off as his own. Martin and Maddie become friends and they go to the DVD premiere together.

Year 12 Martin and Holly persuade a firm to donate an incinerator for the enterprise scheme. However, the stress gets to him and Martin's fuse becomes short. No-one will listen to Martin's concerns that the wind turbine group is cheating, so he takes matters into his own hands and finds the proof.

Year 13 Because no-one has discussed university with him, Martin believes the staff think he's not cut out for higher education. He proves everyone wrong by initiating his own application, even missing Baz's funeral to attend an interview. Martin becomes concerned for Kathy when she develops a taste for alcohol. At the dance contest, Max spikes Martin's drink which leaves him terrified. Martin is pleasantly surprised when Kathy announces she'll be going to the same university he has applied for.

ASSOCIATES: Shona West, Kathy McIlroy, Josh Irvine, Karen Young, Baz Wainwright, Holly Parsons, Max Humphries

CURRENT WHEREABOUTS: Hoping that Kathy would be joining him at Leeds University, he is now having to fend for himself there as Kathy returns to Grange Hill as a teaching assistant.

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