Megan Williams
Like her brother Bryn, Megan has been raised mainly by her grandmother because their mother does aid work abroad. Megan does not go to school - she is taught at home by Nan and is very much her own person - a confident girl who knows how to act in school while being capable of being individual without being noticed. She feels frustrated that Bryn has to follow the crowd in order to be accepted by his peers. Megan and Bryn suspect that they may not have the same father but have yet to discuss this seriously with an adult. Gran has been very kind and indulgent with them, teaching them at home to a reasonable but slightly 'different' standard! Megan and Serena become good friends and she helps her overcome her dyslexia. Different is good - that's Megan's motto!

  Brother: Bryn
Best mate: Serena

  Series 31 Megan makes friends with Serena when she joins the Year 6s on a visit to Grange Hill. She's very open about herself and has no problem telling others she's taught at home, and is annoyed Bryn feels he has to follow the crowd. With encouragement from Alex, Serena tells Megan about her dyslexia and Megan does much to raise Serena's self-confidence.

TYPE: Different - but that's good
MATE RATING: Fiercely loyal to those she cares about
ROMANCE RATING: Wait a minute - she's still only Year 6!
REBEL RATING: To hell with what the rest think!

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