Mr Bronson

Type: Tyrant
Nicknames: Charlie, Bronco
School Days: 1985-1989

"You boy!" No-one was safe from the battle cry of the most fearsome teacher ever to stalk Grange Hill's corridors. The very sight of Maurice Bronson sent fear into every pupil. Originally a Latin master at Rodney Bennett, he reluctantly took a job as French teacher at the newly-merged Grange Hill in 1985. He could never accept the merger but wasted no time in making his presence felt. Eventually Bronson would become deputy head and had the top job in his sights - Mrs McClusky found him difficult to work with and unsupportive of her.

By his own admission Mr Bronson was a strict disciplinarian. Everyone would do as they were told or suffer the consequences. Yet he was a huge figure of fun thanks to the Hitler-style toupee he insisted on wearing. Mr Bronson would take a dislike to certain pupils - most famously Danny Kendall - and would not be above sabotage to maintain the upper hand. The fallout from Danny's death turned Mr Bronson into a hate figure but would cause a dramatic transformation in his character and the new, toupee-free Bronson won a place in the pupils' affections.

Series 8: Mr Bronson takes an immediate dislike to Zammo. Gonch and Hollo steal his toupee while Bronson enjoys a swim; Mr Bronson is embarrassed when Mr Smart returns it to him.

Series 9: As form tutor to G3, Bronson finds himself on a collision course with Ant Jones, who can't convince the other staff of Bronson's harassment. Mr Jones removes Ant from Grange Hill.

Series 10: Mr Bronson becomes deputy head. He introduces closed student profiles which cause major unrest among the pupils; culminating in the Radio Grange Hill sit-in. Bronson feels guilty when Danny is taken ill and tries organising his own fundraiser.

Series 11: Danny persuades Bronson to let him, Fiona and Ronnie perform their hip hop act at the end-of-term party.

Series 12: Bronson decides to get tough with Danny. Mrs McClusky organises a work placement for Danny at the swimming pool, which Bronson sabotages. There's a blazing row between Danny and Bronson. Danny dies, and the pupils send Bronson to Coventry. On the Isle of Wight trip, Mr Bronson is attracted to Joan Hamilton and returns to school a different person. He even puts up a homeless ex-pupil! At the Hollywood Prom, the pupils present him with a kissogram.

ANY REDEEMING QUALITIES?: Hated smoking, both by pupils and colleagues. And no matter how far pushed by an unruly pupil he'd never lash out, but was not averse to using the cane.

HOME LIFE: While working at Grange Hill Mr Bronson lived with his sister, Edith, and their elderly mother.

ASSOCIATES: Mrs McClusky, Mr Scott, Ant Jones, Danny Kendall, Joan Hamilton.

CURRENT WHEREABOUTS: Sadly Maurice passed away last summer. Until then he was living on the Isle of Wight and enjoying his retirement with wife Joan, whom he met on a Grange Hill field trip. They enjoyed birdwatching together and gave ornithology talks to local schools. Now that Bronco has been reunited with Danny Kendall, he will no doubt be keen to make amends.

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