School Days: 1980-1984

Pogo was the first in a long line of wheeler-dealers at Grange Hill. He'd never miss an opportunity to line his pockets; from chocolate hedgehogs to pens, he'd peddle his wares to the irritation of his classmates. He was also the class clown and couldn't resist an opportunity to show off. But really Pogo was a loveable rogue and H4 just wouldn't have been the same without him.
Pogo Patterson
Series 3: Pogo starts his Grange Hill career with his arm in plaster. He steals putty from the workmen, causing the new windows to fall out! Pogo starts his alternative school canteen and it's a hit with pupils.

Series 4: Pogo starts a homework service. Gripper demands he does his for free; when Pogo refuses, they fight in the common room. Pogo gets the cane; Gripper is suspended.

Series 5: Pogo's latest scam is exam answers in chewing gum wrappers. He sells a lot of gum but the answers are for the wrong paper!

Series 6: Duane and Stewpot run a sweepstake on the identity of Pogo's girlfriend. They are spotted together in town; but make a hasty getaway.

Series 7: Pogo attends the UN weekend. At the end of term disco, Pogo wants to provide the disco but Glenroy gets there first. Glenroy agrees to share the workload.

ASSOCIATES: Stewpot Stewart, Duane Orpington, Gripper Stebson, Randir Singh.

CURRENT WHEREABOUTS: Has been spotted working as a used car salesman; as a newsagent he lost his licence for selling some items to underage customers!

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