Roland Browning

School Days: 1982-1987

Poor Roland - life was never going to be easy for him at Grange Hill. From day one his large frame made him an easy target for bullies and rejected by his classmates. He came to Grange Hill shy, introverted and young for his age; the only way he could cope when the going got rough was to run away from school. Comfort eating was another escape route but this would only add to his weight problem. Janet tried her best but her interference was never appreciated.

Things came to a head in the third year when mum walked out on the family and Roland found himself involved in Jimmy McLaren's dodgy deals. But from this moment on, the only way was up. A passion for French and his girlfriend Fabienne made him much happier at school. In fact, who'd have thought Roland would have left school a confident young man with good leadership skills. Again, bullies never prosper.

Series 5: Roland's first day at Grange Hill is a nightmare, with Gripper taking his money and Baxter pulling him up for being where he shouldn't. He keeps running away from school and sees the educational psychologist. In the end it becomes too much and Roland throws himself in front of a car.

Series 6: Gripper continues to pursue Roland, and he bullies new girl Diane, who suffers from bad acne. Roland shows initiative on the trip to St Albans and uses a tape recorder to collect historical facts about the town.

Series 7: Roland finds himself "employed by Jimmy McLaren as his book-keeper and steals Annette's bike. Janet discovers Roland's mum has walked out. Roland and Baxter get lost on the orienteering trip; he's hailed a hero when Baxter is injured and raises the alarm.

Series 8: Roland starts dating French exchange student, Fabienne. He develops a passion for all things Gallic and tries to stow away on the ferry to France! Mr Bronson is not amused.

Series 9: Roland allows Zammo to use the backroom of the amusement arcade for "haircuts". He's shocked to find Zammo spaced out on heroin. Roland tries to get Zammo to talk, but he get defensive.

Series 10: Roland is instrumental in setting up Radio Grange Hill, and the fundraiser for Danny Kendall. He becomes quite adept at cooking and goes on a sponsored diet.

FAMILY: Roland lived with his parents, an only child. Dad was a delivery man for a confectionery company and mum worked in a greengrocer's. They were both overweight so no wonder why Roland's eating habits were so bad - Jamie Oliver would have given them a right talking to! Mum walked out in Series 7 and Dad got a job as a lorry driver, often leaving Roland home alone for long periods.

ASSOCIATES: Gripper Stebson, Zammo Maguire, Jonah Jones, Kevin Baylon, Jimmy McLaren, Fabienne, Danny Kendall, Freddie Mainwaring.

CURRENT WHEREABOUTS: Maybe working as a French chef?

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