Scruffy McGuffy

Subject: Drama/English
School Days
: 1982-1984

Wildcard Welshman who frowned upon formal discipline and believed a more informal approach was the key to getting pupils interested in his lessons. He would always come to school in casual dress (gaining him the nickname Scruffy) and did not see why he should have to lead by example where his appearance was concerned. The pupils loved (and exploited) his permanently approachable manner and enjoyed having a teacher who'd readily stick up for them. He was also an eccentric - forever using long-winded sentences and, as Tucker Jenkins put it, "takes all day to say hello!".

Unfortunately, this brought Scruffy into almost constant conflict with Mrs McClusky, and Scruffy would be called up in front of the headmistress almost as often as certain pupils! Yet Scruffy continued to encourage the pupils to speak out and when he colluded with the fourth year girls on an underground school magazine, it led to Bridget finally losing patience and suspending McGuffy. The result was a mass demonstration to get Scruffy reinstated. In his final year at Grange Hill, there were signs of a hardening attitude but by this time he was more respected by staff and pupils alike. Scruffy had a very young daughter, Zoe.


Series 5 Scruffy is pulled up by Mrs McClusky for his casual dress sense and audaciously tells the headmistress he finds her attitude "unnecessarily censorial". He takes charge of the school revue, the political content of which does not impress Mrs McClusky, and encourages Matthew and Suzanne to speak out on bullying and school uniform.

Series 6 A public spat with Mr Hopwood and colluding with Claire, Suzanne and Christine to produce an underground school magazine pushes Mrs McClusky too far and she suspends Scruffy. The pupils are furious and organise a mass demonstration at the end of the year calling for his reinstatement. Unknown to the pupils, Mrs McClusky has already asked him back and they are most surprised when he appears in the main hall at the end of the demo.

Series 7 Scruffy takes the fifth year pupils on a UN weekend but his car breaks down en route! Suzanne develops a crush on him and when she is too proud to admit she did the wrong thing in leaving school, Scruffy organises an interview for her at the local sixth form college. On the last day of term, Scruffy and Mrs McClusky share a dance.

ASSOCIATES: Mrs McClusky, Mr Hopwood, Mr Smart, Suzanne Ross, Glenroy, Claire Scott, Christine Everson.

REASON FOR LEAVING: All the staff had to re-apply for their jobs when Grange Hill merged with Brookdale and Rodney Bennett - Scruffy thought it was time to move on.



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