Spencer Hargreaves

School Days: 1999-2005

Spencer in the sixth form was a far cry from the racist bully who entered Grange Hill in Year 7. He mercilessly bullied Amy over her size and learning problems. Spencer's father served two years for a vicious assault on a black man. The experience changed Spencer's outlook and, realising he needed the hand of friendship, he was soon accepted into the gang. In his final year Spencer was determined to make the most of things, out for a good time and intent on getting a love life. He achieved the latter, but for weeks Spencer didn't realise Kathy McIlroy was interested in him!

Outside school, Spencer went to Sea Cadets and is a whizz in the kitchen. Now his sights are set on a career in the film industry and thanks to Grange Hill he's set to realise his ambitions.

Year 7 Spencer got off to a bad start with Mr Robson. He bullied Amy viciously, following her and calling her "Mrs Bean". Darren dropped him as a friend and Spencer sabotaged Calvin and Darren's hutch for Refugee. Year 8 Spencer witnessed his dad's attack on Mr Daniels. Dad disappeared and mum followed. Spencer's mum finally returned and he brought his classmates round for tea. Mum realised what a bigot her husband was.

Year 9 Spencer had to cope with his father's imprisonment for the attack. He admitted to the class what happened, and Calvin refused to speak to him at first. Spencer also suggested the uniform competition, eventually won by Max. Year 10 Spencer attended the final gathering at Amy's and impressed everyone with his cooking.

Year 11 Spencer was troubled by his dad's imminent release and was ashamed of his dad's conduct inside. Spencer and Calvin released the mouse in Mrs Knuckle's kitchen, scaring her witless!

Year 12: Spencer and Calvin embark upon a series of busking scams but Miss Dyson is not amused when they pose as "war victims". Their punishment is to narrate the school DVD but they are edited out of the final cut.

Year 13: Spencer persists in his attempts to woo Kat and Dawn. He signs up for the mentoring scheme in the hope it will impress them but lets down his charge, Alex, badly. Spencer helps rescue him from the pool and is laden with guilt. He fails to realise Kathy has fallen for him until the end of the year, when they get together.

ASSOCIATES: Calvin Baithwaite, Darren Clarke, Amy Davenport, Anika Modi, Kathy McIlroy


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