Tanya Young
  School days: 2003-2008
Played by
Kirsten Cassidy

As the wise-cracking, make-up wearing rebel, Tanya knows the best way to cause a stir is through her appearance. Even though sixth form means she's finally free of school uniform, she is happy to continue with old habits. Tanya has a love-hate relationship with stepsister Karen and half-sister Jenny, and is proud of the fact she's the complete opposite to them both. After years of bickering and sparring, Tanya finally got it together with her "nemesis" Togger last year and the pair can often be seen canoodling in the corridors, much to the embarrassment of Jenny. Tanya has had no contact with her real dad since he was pushed out of the family by Karen's dad all those years ago, and this has had a damaging effect. Tanya is well-meaning and tries to do the right thing by her friends, even if sometimes she's a bit off-target! Remember - you're either with Tanya or against her.

  Half sister: Jenny
Stepsister: Karen (left)
Boyfriend: Togger

  Year 7 Tanya becomes friends with Emma, but Emma is jealous of her friendship with Annie. Emma wrongly accuses Annie of theft and soon the truth about Annie's home life is known. Tanya turns her back on Emma after Baz's accident.

Year 8 Emma continues to play Tanya off against Annie but Tanya is remarkably understanding when Emma is revealed as the source of Miss Dyson's gifts. The year ends with Emma, Annie and Tanya making amends and enjoying for the first time a genuine friendship.

Year 9 After the year starts with Tanya more defiant than ever, her world is turned upside down when her French Internet boyfriend turns out to be a man who tries to kidnap her. Togger thwarts the abduction but Tanya is severely traumatised. A closeness develops between Tanya and Togger but they stop short of facing their feelings.

Year 10 Tanya vows to reverse a new rule requiring girls to wear skirts for PE. When direct action fails (such as turning up for PE in tin foil) Tanya has more success with the School Council - where she is the new Year 10 rep. Mrs Bassinger allows a referendum and the girls vote to end the skirts rule. When Emma threatens to run away, Tanya phones Emma's dad for help. Tanya is upset when Togger misses their wedding video "detention". On the last day they find themselves shut in a toilet cubicle together. There is a chemistry between them and Tanya waits for Togger when school finishes; alas he's too busy sorting out Tigger and she walks off dejected.

Year 11 Little change in the love-hate relationship between Tanya and Togger at first, but the death of Baz leaves Togger wracked with guilt and he falls to pieces in her arms. As the year progresses, they develop an emotional dependance on each other but he still can't muster the courage to ask her out. Finally they kiss on the night of the dance contest, but Togger and Tanya's planned "grand entrance" as a couple at the school prom is scuppered by news of Emma's pregnancy.

Year 12 Tanya is elected head girl with a clear majority. She continues to push the dress code rules despite being in the sixth form, and is sent home for dressing too skimpily. Tanya expects Togger will propose to her on the Liverpool trip and is relieved when instead he presents her with football season tickets. She also helps Miss Greene repair the friendship between Serena and Megan.

TYPE: Track-suited crusader
MATE RATING: She'll always fight for you...or always fight...
ROMANCE RATING: Stop messing Togger, you know you want her...

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