School Days: 1985-1991

Trevor seemed to lack direction at Grange Hill. If anything he gained a reputation for bullying and laddishness, and wasn't at the top of anyone's Christmas card list. He was never without his sidekick Vince but always had the upper hand in the double act and wouldn't hesitate to turn on his friend. While he wasn't successful bullying his classmates, he had more success picking on new teachers who lacked experience in the classroom. Unfortunately he was too successful winding up Mr Scott, whom he drove over the edge almost gaining a punch for his troubles.
Trevor Cleaver

Trev was never really a bad person - just frustrated, and his classmates were the nearest targets on which to vent his spleen. By Year 11 Trev developed a liking for beer - a taste which almost cost him his life on the Isle of Wight field trip. The reason for his alcoholism was never revealed - perhaps all was not well at home? But he soon bounced back, developing a laid-back attitude to his studies.

Series 8: With his sidekick Vince Savage, Trevor bullies his classmates. Mr Smart catches them emptying the school payphone.

Series 10: Trev is quick to spot Mr Scott's weaknesses and realises his form tutor's dependence on Mr Kennedy to keep order. He succeeds in winding Mr Scott up and disrupting tutorials - but a humming campaign makes Scott snap and he pins a terrified Cleaver to the wall. Only Ronnie prevents him lashing out.

Series 12: Trev is convinced Vince has ESP when he "correctly" anticipates a series of events at school. Trev becomes hooked on betting and booze; he gets so drunk on the Isle of Wight he prompts a major sea rescue. Trevor is revealed as Georgina's stalker.

Series 13: Trev, Ted and Rod the caretaker enjoy clandestine card-playing sessions.

Series 14: Ted and Trev bring much-needed trade to a new pizzeria in town. They sell pizzas in the playground but it's not enough to save the pizzeria from closure. Trev lands work experience with a travel agent and sells a plane ticket.

ASSOCIATES: Vince Savage, Ziggy Greaves, Robbie Wright, Gonch Gardner, Mauler McCaul, Ted Fisk.

CURRENT WHEREABOUTS: Running a mobile pizzeria?

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