School Days: 1995-2001

Wayne started Grange Hill a bully and turned good by the sixth form. Hot-headed and emotional, he had a jealous streak and was susceptible to lashing out in moments of rage. He lived on a run-down council estate with his extended family and shared a room with his drug-dealing brother. Staying on at school enabled Wayne to better himself and avoid going down the route of his sibling; he's actually a good bloke once you get to know him and his romance with Judi showed his caring side.
Wayne Sutcliffe
Year 7: Wayne and Kevin fight in the playground because Wayne has a damning view of Kevin's dad being a policeman. Parrott breaks them up. Wayne plays a nasty joke on Poppy, who gets revenge by putting maggots in his sandwich!

Year 8: Wayne, Robert and Alec dare Kevin to shoot a duckling. They are disturbed. Kevin is caught with the gun but Wayne refuses to take the rap. Wayne's brother is bullying him; he bullies Poppy and his problems emerge when Poppy reports him.

Year 9: Wayne is now a bully counsellor, but loses it with Gemma who doesn't understand the nature of the service. Wayne's rowdiness disrupts rehearsals for "Animal Hill".

Year 10: Wayne starts dating Judi. When Judi is knifed he swears revenge. Evil Sean gets him suspended but he defies the exclusion to confront Sean and clear his name.

Year 11 : Wayne is devastated by Judi's death and blames Alec. He refuses to seek counselling but soon realises Alec wasn't to blame. Wayne is shocked to discover Sarah-Jane is hooked on temazepam.

Year 12: Wayne tracks down Alec to a homeless hostel. He is instrumental in setting up the box content and subsequent bonfire.

Year 13: Wayne is in the sixth form band. He wins the lottery and replaces their instruments when racists trash them.

ASSOCIATES: Robert Buckley, Alec Jones, Kevin Jenkins, Judi Jeffreys, Sarah-Jane Webster.


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