Zammo Maguire

School Days: 1982-1983

Zammo was the new school hero, the boy everyone wanted to be. His early years at Grange Hill were a riotous mischief-fest with stooge Jonah and others. A cheeky chappie, Zammo never took school life seriously but was sensitive to others' feelings. He would stick up for Roland when he was getting a hard time. But the later years would be more difficult for Zammo. The spectre of Bronson and the Jackie-Banksie love triangle became too much to bear and Zammo descended into heroin addiction. With the support of family and friends Zammo pulled back from the brink and returned to the sixth form looking to the future.

SO WHY THE HEROIN? Not sure really; Zammo was easily led and I suppose just fell in with the wrong crowd. But he was soon back on his feet.

FAMILY: Zammo lived with his mum, a worker at the local factory. She was also on the PTA.


Series 5: Zammo and Jonah set of a stink bomb in class; everyone is evacuated to the canteen. At Chessington Zoo, Zammo's bag is thrown in the seal's den and the keeper catches them trying to retrieve it.

Series 6: Zammo thinks flexitime should be introduced at school. A referendum is held, but the two spoil the vote and lose favour with classmates.

Series 7: Zammo is going out with Jackie Wright, from rival school Brookdale. He has to endure the wrath of Gluxo Remington - Brookdale's hardman. Zammo looks on aghast as Jeremy Irvine drowns in the school pool.

Series 8: Zammo has a rival for Jackie's affections in Steven Banks. Zammo witnesses Calley's confrontation with her birth mum and thinks it's an abduction attempt.

Series 9: Zammo is forever short of money and in debt to his classmates. His behaviour becomes ever more erratic and Roland discovers he's on heroin. There's a confrontation with Jackie and the police at school; Zammo suffers bad withdrawals and goes into rehab.

Series 10: Zammo returns to school. He struggles with his addiction and buys some more drugs - but doesn't take them. Zammo and Jackie get engaged; staff and pupils are shocked but they decide to defer the wedding.

ASSOCIATES: Jonah Jones, Kevin Baylon, Steven Banks, Jackie Wright.


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