After various parts in The Bill and a stint in Bad Girls, Luisa was firmly in the spotlight with Holby City. But now she has moved on from TV's steamiest hospital, what next?
Age: 31

DOB: 09 December 1975

TV: Maria Watts in GRANGE HILL (BBC 1991-1994); Joanna Lawson in A TOUCH OF FROST (Yorkshire 1992); Shelley Bates in THE BILL (Thames 1995); Groupie in FAITH IN THE FUTURE (LWT 1995); Judy Killick in THE BILL (Thames 1996); Kira in THIS LIFE (BBC 1996), Paula Davies in THE BILL (Thames 1997); Angie in THE BRITTAS EMPIRE (BBC 1997); Dawn in BIRDS OF A FEATHER (BBC 1998); Samantha in BIG BAD WORLD (1999); Lorna Rose in BAD GIRLS (Granada 1999); Sadie in MEANINGFUL SEX (2000); Lisa Fox in HOLBY CITY (BBC 2001-2005)

FILMS: Natalie in WONDERFUL WORLD (1998); Evita the Hostess in MAUVAISE PASSE (1999)

FAMILY: Born in Ruislip, Middlesex, Luisa has a sister, Sasha. They used to fight all the time but they always stuck together.

HOBBIES: Like her mum, Luisa practises Buddhism which involves prayer and meditation. Not shaving your head as you might think! She says it sets her up for the day.

Luisa Bradshaw-White
YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW...If she hadn't been an actress, Luisa could always have been a kitchen hand. When she got the part of Maria she washed dishes at a London restaurant - and carried on doing do despite being on TV! But Luisa always wanted to act - she started out in drama festivals at 12.

LOOKING BACK... Grange Hill was great fun, says Luisa. "I went in at 14 as a sort of glorified extra, with just a few lines and they wrote me in to the main cast", she told the Daily Mirror.

Information from "The Look" (The Mirror's TV magazine)

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