Hello - it's Chris Crookall here, and I played Andy Turner in Grange Hill. I am a big fan of Grange Hill as well as being a part of it and here is my Star File.
DOB: 09 March 1988

TV: Andy Turner in GRANGE HILL (Lime Pictures 2003-2007)

THEATRE: THE SECRET DIARY OF ADRIAN MOLE (YULA 2006); CINDERELLA (Regal Entertainments 2006-2007); THE FUNNY (Little Acorns 2008)

CHRIS ON ANDY: I was very similar to Andy Turner, especially when I furst started Andy was quite like me, he had good friends who would sometimes get him into mischief which I could certainly relate to. Andy was very obsessed with wrestling, which is another trait that I have, in fact my mother always used to say to me "you're not playing a character, you're just playing yourself!" Which was certainly true, especially when Andy would say funny lines, I used to love getting those lines or placing my character in silly scenarios like being in the ladies' toilet with a ridiculous looking moustache. Fortunately that's not happened to me...well not yet anyway.

ON GRANGE HILL... It was crazy, a real crazy experience. I would want to get to sleep at like 11pm, which wasn't normal for a boy of 14, and I would love waking up at 8pm and heading to the set. Grange Hill has really changed me as a person, because it had such a big influence on my life, being their for five years seems mad, because I don't know where all the time went.

HOBBIES: I have never been the sporty type, I've always been interested in writing and acting and the people I have associated with have always had the same interests. I am a hige fan of TV comedy - I'm very keen on Curb Your Enthusiasm and recently I have been catching up with the last series of Entourage. I was also a huge fan of The Sopranos and Six Feet Under and I've now been recently getting into The Wire. I've recently been listening to some old Jimi Hendrix stuff, it's excellent, and I've been reading Jack Kerouac's On The Road while listening to Jimi.

FAMILY: Since working on the Crookall family tree, my dad discovered that my Great Uncle was once an actor and went to America to star in B-movies. I have an uncle who was in a popular Liverpool group and my cousin once starred in Brookside.

PETS: I have a tortoise called Jenny and a labrador called Ben.

LIKES/DISLIKES: I dislike big rides like Oblivion, you won't catch me on them, you'll see me with the bags and ice-cream cones on the bench. I really like going out with my mates and going to the cinema.

WHERE AM I NOW? Since I left Grange Hill I've been working on a number of pantomimes. Currently I am at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, doing a degree in film studies with film/TV production, I am just about to go into my third year. I have just completed a short documentary which I wrote and presented about a local Liverpool legend, the Childe of Hale. I was fortunate to interview many local historians and comic book creator/author and fellow Scouser John Reppion. I teach in St Helens Theatre and at the Dolphin Dance studios in Liverpool. This summer I've co-written and starring in my own theatre company's "Little Acorns", first comedy sketch show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival entitled "Bringing The Funny". Myself and writing partners Nick Jackson and Fiona Quayle are hoping for some success with our sketches and myself and Nick are planning on producing a talk show podcast which should be starting at the end of summer.

ANY OTHER INTERESTING FACTS: The pupils I teach have just been a part of the Liverpool Performing Arts Festival at Liverpool town hall, they left the competition winning over five medals including a gold for a comedy sketch that myself and the Little Acorns group wrote.
Chris Crookall

Many thanks to Chris for his help

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