Hi, I'm Daniella Fray and I play Emma in Grange Hill. Here's some info about me...
DOB: My D.O.B is October 18, 1990.

RADIO: I've done three radio voice overs for Carex Soap, Disney's Dinosaur and Disney's Little Vampire.

TV: Emma Bolton in GRANGE HILL (BBC/Mersey TV 2003)

THEATRE: Theatre work has included Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat five times, Whistle Down the Wind, Peter Pan, Wizard Of Oz (playing the part of Dorothy) and various other productions. Also "Honk" at the Chester Gateway in June 2004.

DANI ON EMMA: I enjoy playing Emma, but I don't think I'm that much like Emma in real life. I love the fact that throughout the series, I've brought the character out from being someone that everyone hates to, hopefully someone who is just misunderstood.

I certainly wouldn't have behaved the way that she did over Annie in the first series. I have lots of friends in and out of school unlike Emma who seemed to be desperate for a true friend no matter what the cost. In Year 7, if I could have changed one thing about Emma it would have been her jealousy, although saying that it was a fun part to play especially when the crew started hissing me after some of my scenes!

Daniella Fray

ON FAME: Being involved in Grange Hill has been an experience I will never forget. By the end of filming my first series it felt as though we were all like one big family and with myself being the youngest, all the others used to look after me, they're like my big brothers and sisters.

The most memorable day had to be my b'day. Everyone in the cast and production team made it such a special day. I had presents waiting for me in the Green Room and then they got me a HUGE chocolate cake, I nearly cried when I saw it (what am I like)!!!! Another time has to be when we went to Chester to film the school trip. It was FAB! The three girls, Lauren (Annie), Kirsten (Tanya) and I shared a room next door to Chris (Togger), Chris (Andy) and Lucas (Abel). We had such a laugh!!

FAMILY: Mum and Dad have been married for 16 years, Dad Brian is an actuary working in Liverpool although he was previously a professional musician and Mum's a classroom assistant working in my old primary school. Josh my little bruv, is 13 years old and has joined Stagecoach where I go and he loves it!! They have all supported me 100% in everything I have done and will do and I can't thank them enough, they're my three Best Friends!!

HOBBIES: My hobbies are singing, mainly West End show songs, dancing, jazz/modern, playing the saxophone and piano, reading and just hanging out with my mates. I like all kind of music really, but my fave has to be anything from the West End Musicals. I've always wanted to be involved in drama, and I go to a stage school every Friday where I have a brilliant time, doing what I love best.

I'm an EastEnders fan and have an unusual piece of Shane Richie memorabilia - I met Shane when I watched him in Grease and he gave me his Danny Zuko comb!

AND THE FUTURE? I would love to carry on as I am because I am enjoying it soooo much. I really enjoy TV work, everyday I learn more and more, not just in front of the camera but behind it aswell! Later in life, I would also love to star in a West End Show as Swallow in Whistle Down The Wind or the Narrator in Joseph. But right now I'm very, very happy in Grange Hill!! Bye for now!
Many thanks to Dani for her help

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