After spending years as model student Calley, Simone Hyams is the other sort of model these days...
Simone Hyams DOB: 4th October 1971

TV: Calley Donnington in GRANGE HILL (BBC 1985-1991); BAYWATCH (USA) Plus several commercials, modelling work and a Telethon with Jim Davidson.


FAMILY: Simone is the youngest of three children: she has one brother Jeremy and a sister Lisa.

YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW... Simone said she found it difficult growing up in the public eye. Calley was very much into horoscopes, palm reading etc. But not Simone. "I only ever believe my horoscope if it says I'm going to have a good day", she told the 1986 GH annual.

JUST ONE OF THE GIRLS... On her first day at Grange Hill, Simone was star-struck meeting her hero Zammo! But like many of Britain's teenagers, who she REALLY fancied was Ricky Simmonds (Ant Jones).

WHERE IS SHE NOW? Simone hasn't acted for a while and has worked for Virgin. Most recently she signed up with modelling agency Ordinary People.

Information from Grange Hill annuals/TV interviews

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