Hi, I'm Renee Montemayor and welcome to my Star File. Here's some info about me and the acting I've done.
Renee Montemayor

Renee Montemayor

DOB: My Birthday is May 10th 1975

Other work I have done: 

TELEVISION: Briony Jones in GRANGE HILL (BBC 2000-2002); Kung-Fu Princess in HARRY AND COSH (Channel 5 2001); Sarah in HOLLYOAKS (Mersey Television); AGONY (Live TV); Lyndsey in TEENAGE HEALTH FREAK (C4); Sally in DEAR DILEMMA

FILM: Waitress in Luc Besson's THE FIFTH ELEMENT; Morag in DON'T WALK (C4 TVM); Naomi in NAOMI, KATE, KYLIE AND ME

THEATRE: Princess Ying Yoewlak in THE KING AND I (London Palladium 1979); Maria Clara in NOLI MI TANGERE (1996); MISS SAIGON at Theatre Royal Drury Lane, as ensemble and first cover Kim (lead role) and second cover Gigi; HEY MR PRODUCER! cast member (video can be bought at all good video stores! Check out the first blonde dancer that enters stage for "The American Dream"!!!); SOUTH PACIFIC as Liat, Rustie Lee's (Bloody Mary) daughter on UK national tour in 1997; Alice in DICK WHITTIGTON at Greenwich theatre, Dec 1999; Princess in ALADDIN at Chatham Theatre, Dec 2000

PRESENTING: TEACHERS TV (2005); "Cathay Pacific World of Travel"-documentary about the Philippines; "The Frame" magazine show for BBC; "Roar TV" European music show

POP VIDEOS For "Corduroy", "Ultimate Kaos", "Ronald Cheung", "Michael Jackson's birthday tribute" as backing singer for "E-male" and singer in "Coca Cola Life House event".

COMMERCIALS for "Boots", "Polaroid", McDonalds and "Kool Aid Drinks" for America

RENEE ON BRIONY... Briony is similar to how I used to be when I was younger (serious, very hard working, top of the class etc.) however, I am very different now! I am sillier and madder than Briony, and I have a very light and positive attitude about everything! I think Briony needs to handle her problems differently. All in all though, yes, I do like her character and have enjoyed playing her.

...ON GRANGE HILL I enjoyed working on "Grange Hill"! I learned a lot and have met many wonderful people. I miss the show, especially all the fun and laughter I have shared with my co-stars.

FAMILY: My parents are from the Philippines and I have two sisters, Rhoda and Rowena. Rhoda is a professional dancer, appearing in the touring musical "West Side Story". I didn't go to a stage school full time, although I did take up drama for my GCSEs and at college, and I took many courses. I went to Sylvia Young one summer and did a few classes there. My hobbies and interests...hmmm...many! I go through phases and will do totally different and random things depending on how the mood takes me.

My main interests though are; yoga, going to the gym, reading, playing the piano and ice-skating. I was going to trek across the Himalayas this year but a change of plan has occured and it's not possible for me to do that now...shame, I was really looking forward to it. Also I have some decks at home and am a "bedroom DJ", a very bad one at that, but I enjoy it!!

I hope that I've answered all your questions. Lots of luck and love!

Many thanks to Renee for providing this information

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