Laura Sadler came to Grange Hill with a sting of TV and film credits behind her. Many believe she would have gone far, but her career and life were cut tragically short.
Laura Sadler DOB: 25 December 1980

Date of death: 19 June 2003 (accident - balcony fall)

Home: Lived in Buckinghamshire with her mum Sonya, who looks after terminally ill patients

TV: Sebina in INSPECTOR MORSE (Central); Laura in SAHARA PROJECT (Bavaria Films); Gabby Goggle in GOGGLE VISION (LWT 1995); Judi in GRANGE HILL (BBC 1997-99); Skirty Marm in BELFRY WITCHES (BBC 1999-2000); Sandy Harper in HOLBY CITY (2000-2003)

Theatre: Little Girl in SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR (National Theatre); Cat in CINDERELLA; Cat in PUSS IN BOOTS (Windsor Theatre); Title role in OLIVER! (H.W. Theatre); Lisa in JULIE JOHNSON (London New Plays)

Films: Joyce in INTIMATE RELATIONS (1995)

Pets: One King Charles Cavalier, Monty

YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW... Hollywood legend Dustin Hoffman was so impressed with Laura when he saw her on stage he asked to meet her!

Information from the actress herself and Children's Spotlight (1995 edition)

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